Sunday, November 3, 2013

5th CFAL & SCKLM 2013

What?!?! It's been two months since I last posted anything?!?! How can time fly so fast?!?!?! How can how can how can?!?!?!
*Shocked face*
I wish I could stop time. 4 more months and I'm turning 2*. =] But I know that as long as I walk with God, this life could only get better, stronger. =) #Gottahavefaith 
(I'M FINALLY LEARNING HOW TO HASHTAG!!!!! Thanks to my Floorball girls. LOL.)

So yes. September and October has been a sporty month. Hehe.
Nailed my first CFAL 82km round island in early September, finished slightly above 4 hours. It was raining heavily the whole journey which made downhill ride VERY SLOW 'cause I was scared I'd ruin my face if I crash. Serious. So I was riding really carefully & slow when going downhill. There were lots of accidents along the way, bandaged knee, bandaged arm, head etc. All thanks to the rain and slippery roads.
So I really thank God for keeping me, Benson, Jasmine and Elaine safe all the way, and helping me to continue paddling when my legs were failing. 82km without proper distance training is tough sh*t.
Conclusion: AWESOME RIDE!
[Benson & hedges and myself =P ]

[Elaine & Eeleen]
It's funny how we have almost the same name, same gloves & same arm warmer. HAHA.]

OH OHHH!!!! I won my first ever big lucky draw!!! Hehehehehehehehehe. I wanted to leave right away after the ride 'cause I was never lucky enough to win anything but Benson was bugging me to stay and said he will be my lucky charm. And who knew......who knew....... I won a RM2k++ road bike wheel set!!! =)))
I am one blessed girl!! =)

[Miche Syntium Axy Clincher Wheelset]

[5th CFAL 2013 Round Island ride medal]

[Kalah tak apa, gaya mesti ada]

Then month end came and it was time for my first Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Another marathon I went unprepared and suffered the consequences. =________="

I started the journey with Lavinia & her friend (which was actually Sarah Chang's sister which I had no idea about Haha), but lost them after 5km.
It was a painful run starting from kilometer 12. My leg muscles just decided to shut down on me, and started hurting like asdfghjkl@#$%^&*()?!!!. I tried to push myself but the pain was just too much to bear. If you know me well, I'm not the kind who gives up easily but this time, I just did. I started walking really slow starting from kilometer 15, not thinking about the time or distance. 'Cause I knew it was impossible for me to finish the race in time with my condition. Many times I just felt like sitting by the road side and call for emergency helper to carry me back. But that moment, that moment when I feel like I really couldn't go on anymore, Lavinia caught up from behind. That moment I felt like crying I tell you. She was like an angel sent to me at the right moment. =) So we started running again, really slowwwwwwwww. Not wanting to slow her down I asked Lala to go ahead when we were about 2km away from the finishing line, while I drag my feet across the line. Finished in 3:08. Not bad for an OKU.
[My angel which also provided me breakfast =) ]

[Shawn dreaded his 42km but eventually finished it too. =) ]
So basically that's it la. I'm really starting to hate the word distance 'cause it's torturing and hard. Zzz. If it's not for my love for food & the sense of achievement I wouldn't be doing all these. Dang. Lol.


Kew said...

Congratulations on the wheel...

Eeleen said...

Thank you. :)