Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Now that I'm turning 24 in 2 months time, I realized that things don't get easier as you grow up. Unlike the way the adults tell you when you were a kid, life gets tougher. Whether you like it or not. And many times, because of all the crap life and others give us, we too become crappier. (Is there such a word actually? Haha.) =/

But you know what? Instead of being "contaminated' or influenced by all these crap, why not we make a stand and be an influence instead?
If others give you crap, you give them flowers.
If they curse you, you bless them.
If they hurt you, forgive them and show them love.
When life gets tough, find strength in the Creator.

Oh yes, these are not easy. It's never easy to be a transforming agent. It's not easy to change the world. But we can all start by changing ourselves.
It doesn't hurt to be more humble; it doesn't hurt to be less angry; it doesn't hurt to smile to the person next to you even if you just had a tough day. That person next to you might have had a even worst day. You'll never know how much that smile means to him or her. =)

I wrote this because I just had a crazy, crappy day. I gotta wake up at 5am in the morning, unwillingly, just to help a friend with his thesis stuff. I was SOOOO tired after floorball training the day before all I need is some good sleep but I'm deprived from it. Then later in the afternoon I was late for lab work, got stuck in a horrible traffic jam; did a sudden break and spilled 2 liters of water in my car; found something similar to the product I'm working on for my FYP in the market which totally kills my confidence and spirit to continue it; got 2 wrong dishes for dinner from the waitress who didn't seemed to pay attention at all when I order my food. Ughhh.

But I prayed for strength. I prayed for perseverance and His grace to carry me through the day and I got through it. With a smile. =) My unwilling and obedient heart was somehow blessed. And I know the spilled water in my car will dry up somehow; and my dish was made right and discounted. =)

No. It wasn't an easy day. I wanted to hit the steering so hard when my water spilled 'cause I was so darn frustrated; I wanted to just give the waitress a "black" face; I wanted to say "No" to my friend when he needed help. But I chose to do the opposite instead.
Tell you something, if you really dislike doing something that you know you have to, do it for a greater purpose. Not for yourself, not for your family. But do it for the one who created the heavens and the earth. Do it for the one who gave you a purpose in life. ;) He's the best bet and reason you can ever have. =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lovely December

Hey peeps! Here are some pictures to show you how I spent my December. And I would say that year 2010 was one of the best years of my life, and the past December was just wonderful. =)

But but but..before that,  I just wanna show you pictures of me doing indoor rock climbing for the very first time!! Hehe. I've actually been to the real rocks before but not an indoor one. =) It was totally fun. Muscles were badly aching after that but it was all worth it.
For the sake of nicely toned arms and legs. =)
[My coach as my belayer]
Okay okay..about December. =) I went back to Penang for a short break during the past December 'cause I promised daddy that I would always go back for Christmas if I could. So I kept that promise for year 2010. =)

We went to the Penang Pesta. It's been more than 10 years since we last went so we just dropped by to see if there were any changes lo.. Manatau still the same old stuff. Haha. =) I remember vomiting in Pesta the last time we went 'cause I got really dizzy after one of the rides. Hehe.
[The only ride we took 'cause my dad said less risk. Haha. & to prevent me from vomiting too la. =)]
[Stupid stall games. Spent RM30 and got two fake Nike badgets. Haha.]
 [But then I really like this stall 'cause it's so colorful!! =) I'm memang a sucker for colorful things. =)]
[Dad throwing darts. Missed by one. If not we could have gotten one of those ugly Doraemon. Hehe.]
[And look at these poor teddies. Like mass hanging execution. T.T]

And for the Christmas that just passed, instead of buying gifts for friends, I baked cookies for them instead. It was like a cookie Christmas. =)
[The main baker - Mommy! =)]
 [This is also her trying to be funny. Haha. Cute leh.]
 [Ginger bread man cookie]
 [Burnt baby elephant. Ooopss.]
[My my..look who's helping us with the cookie designs. Haha. =)]
 [Taaadaaa!!! Cookies made out of love. =)]
[Spot 101 difference between the bottom two]

Last but not least, here's a few Christmas present I received which I really, really like. God must have told them I needed these. Haha. =) But anyhow..thank you so much. And most of all, thank you Jesus. For loving me.
[Daddy bought me this Nokia E72 after he failed to convince me to get iphone 4. I wanted to get this phone on my own after I started working but then..Thank you D. Mwah!! =)]

[Karyee got me this. =) It's a Wrist ID so that if anything happens to me on the street while running, the first responder would know who to call. =) This is very important for those who likes to train alone like me. Thanks babe.]
 For more information, check out www.roadid.com. I haven't really got the thing yet. Still waiting for me to choose what color and what to engrave on the aluminum plate. =)

 [& My coach gave me this for Christmas. It's a sports necklace where it helps to better regulate your blood circulation and helps to recover from muscle pain & tiredness.]
[How effective it is I don't know. Some say it's just a mental thing. But oh well, I shall try it out and let you guys know okay? =)]
[& Kevin gave me this cute little Patrick lego keychain!! =) I grew up with Lego and Lego toys are probably the only thing I kept until now. So Patrick's gonna be my new additional Lego family member. Hehe.]
I ended the year by attending church's Watch night service. =) Did a duet together with Melissa, singing "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns.
[The dinosaurs: woan sein, eeleen, theresa, sara, ayen, & melissa]
'Cause who am I, that the Lord of all the earth, would care to know my name, would care to feel my heart.
Despite how insignificant we think we are, God chose to love us. And that's the only thing we need to remember, that He loves us.
Will upload pictures of the Christmas event our church held in the next post. =) Wait for it.