Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

It was my 3rd ride up to Balik Pulau yesterday, and as I was planning to beat my previous PB, mother nature has other plans for me. It started pouring very very heavily after I hit the hills. If I turn back, I would be soaking wet by the time I get home and will definitely be late for State training; If I push on, I may arrive safely ORRRRRR risk myself getting striked by lighting ORRRRRRR die from a crash.
[Yes. I stopped under the heavy rain to take pictures. =) ]
 [It was dark, gloomy, rainy and scary.]
Well, obviously I arrived safely if not I wouldn't be writing this post now right? Haha. But it was one crazy ride. Thinking about it makes my heart beat faster now. Hehe. It was so slippery I had to hold on to my handle bar with extra effort. I couldn't really brake too because it was so wet my brakes were failing. And the wind...fuhhhh. If I was any thinner it would have blown me away. Heh. The whole way, I was imagining the worst. 
E.g. A car coming from behind and hit me and I die.
Lightning strike and I die.
Lightning strike tree and tree fall on me, I die.
I slip, lose control, and roll down the hills. Body never found.
I slip, lose control, hit the floor and coma.

But I thank God none of these happened. My stupid brain has wild imaginations. 
By the time I reached State training, I was all wet. Even my eyes were wet. Don't ask me why.
Would I ride in the rain again? Maybe. Would I ride up and down Balik Pulau in the rain? No.
It's way too scary. 
Now I'm suffering from a back ache. Not too sure if I overuse my muscles while cycling or was it from physical training. But these pain keeps me sane. It reminds me that I am made of flesh and blood. It reminds me that I may be weak, but He is strong.