Monday, March 24, 2014

Penang International Triathlon & Duathlon 2014 (PgiTD)

My first Duathlon!! Some tough sh*t. No joke.
I couldn't sleep the night before even though I was really tired after a long day of floorball. I went to bed around 10pm after fixing up my bike and getting my shoes and clothes all ready. But after turning and tossing for almost 3 hours, I still couldn't fall asleep. My heart was beating so fast 'cause I was super anxious about my race the next day. Haha. First time ma. And I was all alone.

Long story short, I didn't sleep much. Woke up at 4am, and my heart beat even faster than last night. So fast I bang sai-ed twice before heading out. HAHAHA. Super kan cheong I tell you.
I reached the race site around 5:30am, but it was already peanut butter jam packed. And after seeing how professional and muscular everyone looked, I felt so intimidated that I wanted to just go back home. But then I look at the little biceps and leg muscles I have, I told myself, "I can do this!". =)

Our Chief Minister, Mr. Lim Guan Eng was there to flag us off. And I tell you... I waved at him like a crazy girl. Hahaha. 'Cause he was standing only 1 meter away from me!! Hahaha!! 
My first 5.5km run was strong. And easy peasy. Came back to T1 and prepared myself for the bike leg. A friend of mine, Dexter who is a professional triathlete in Singapore told me not to go too fast in the beginning of the bike leg as my leg could easily cramp up after the first run. So I went at a comfortable speed, and eventually picked up pace. Of course, the steep climb at Teluk Bahang Dam and the 800meter climb didn't make life easy for my legs, but surprisingly, I pedaled fine. Probably because I was familiar with the route so mentally I was prepared for it. 
And you have no idea how fast I rode downhill. I checked my speedometer and I actually hit 47km/hr!! Now that I think about it, I really thank God that I didn't crash, and am still in once piece, with my teeth and face still attached. Phewww.

The one part that pissed me off a little was when the volunteers taking care of the traffic yelled at us to pedal faster, as some cars are waiting for us to pass. In my heart I was like "Dude, do you know how hard this is and we are actually going as fast as our legs could?" =.="
 [Thank you Velocipede Works for the photo]
Then came the toughest part of all, the final leg. The gruesome 10km run that felt like a never ending one. After entering T2 and dropping my bike and changing back into my running shoes (Oh oh!! I tell you. All triathletes and duathletes should invest in elastic shoe laces!! SOOOOOO convenient!! Ok. Back to the story), I grabbed my Powergel and some raisins, and off I went. The first 2km was good. Then came the pain in the muscles slightly above both my knees. It keeps cramping. And it got so bad I couldn't even walk, not even slowly. Each step I take, my legs go jelly, and I will tend to drop straight onto the floor. Probably muscle fatigue. =( So I walked really, really slow. Like snail speed slow. =(

I finished the race eventually, time was so sucky I don't feel like telling you now. HAHA. Okay la okay la..4 hours and 20 minutes. I took a really long time for the last 10km. Close to two hours. My legs just couldn't go on. Next race!! I promise I'll be more disciplined, stronger and fitter. I pwomeessee. =)
[Post race kek sai smile]

[My skin tone literally went from fair (2nd line) to brown (6th line). Haihhh.]

 But the best part of this race, is meeting a friend I haven't seen for 10 years!! =) 
[Meet Christine!! Haven't seen her since highschool.]
It is indeed an amazing experience. And I know it sounds crazy, but I'm looking forward to the next triathlon. But firstly, gotta get my front crawl fix! =)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant - Gertak Sanggul

Me: "Do you like seafood?"
Rach: "Depends on what it is. I think it's very sad to eat squid and octopus 'cause they're too cute. :((( Eat fish! Fish is ugly."
Joke of the day I tell you. HAHAHAHA.

No. I didn't go for seafood with Rachel. I went with my family. =) It's been a while since we last had seafood the Penang way, so I suggested that we head to either Tambun or Gertak Sanggul for some. We drove pass quite a few restaurants, like Khun Thai, some famous Mee Udang place, and another ikan bakar stall full of people, but ended up in Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant. =) Also full of human beings.

Took us almost 15 minutes to wait for a table. Fuhhh. But it was worth it. =)
[For those of you who understand mandarin :)]

 [Stingray in spicy and sour gravy]

 ["Green-dragon veg". Direct translation from mandarin]

[Pork ribs!!!]

[Mantis prawn salad]

[Salted egg yolk crab]

Taste: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Ambience: 6/10 (It's a typical seafood place by the beach, without air con)
Cleanliness: 9/10
Service: 7/10

Will definitely go back again and again. Should try their Claypot steam fish next round. Seems like it's their signature dish. =) And if your tummy can wait, try going after 8pm. It's less packed after 8pm. ;)


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Super E!

"I am 16, going on 17... " - Sound of Music
Can't believe the last time I am "qualified" to sing this song was 10 years ago.
10 years?!?!?!?! asdfghjkl@#$%^&*()+-?! How can 10 years just pass by like that?!?!
How can?!?!

"Yan sang yao gei tor gor sap nin?" They were right. How many 10 years does one have?
But thank God, I know I am making the most of my everyday. =)

So yes! My birthday.
People: "How does it feel turning 27?"
Me: "Depressing.".

Once again, I'm thankful for great people around me even as I face this depressing fact that I am getting further away from being 17. Lol. =) 
Shawn was in town during my birthday weekend. =) He wanted to bring me to some place nice and quiet, but there was just no time. It was floorball, floorball, floorball. 
Floorball on Saturday; floorball on Sunday. There goes my birthday. 
Haha. Kidding. But I really need to thank Shawn for patiently waiting for me the whole Saturday. I did make it up to him by bringing him to his favorite laksa lemak. Hehehe.
He helped coach SWAT during our Sunday training; and after that, the girls gave me a small surprise. Simple and sweet. =) Thank you Lala, Rachel, Sarah, Xiew Mei, Lyndee, Jasmine!!!

[I look super tired here. Heh.]
Shawn gave me a bottle of Versace perfume. =) After dating for 3 years, he still doesn't know that I am allergic to perfume. HAHAHAHA. Omg. Captain Awesome indeed. Lol.
But it's okay. =) I too gave him so many undersize tshirts for his birthday/anniversary that made him look soooo gay.
 [My very first bottle of perfume. So girly. HAHA. Thanks Hun.]
 [Even Fatty knows how to admire Versace perfume! ;)]

Then my dad belanja me Lok Lok in Butterworth right after training. Ate so much I had diarrhea the next day. Zzz. Lol. Still... THANK YOU DADDEEE!!!
So yes. This very much sums up my simple yet memorable birthday. =)
I am not getting older. I am just becoming a classic. Hehehe.

*Thank you Jesus, for seeing me through all these years. =)*