Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas


Picture taken from
I'll smack you if you do this to me baby. X)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Growing up.. realizing that the one person on earth who's not supposed to hurt you disappoints you too.

But it also made me realize that God is forever faithful. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Digital Camera

To those of you who don't know this, let me tell you.
I'm still using a 3.2 mega pixel digital camera.
Too shy to say it. Hehe. X)
I mean, who uses a 3.2 mp digital camera nowadays?? Even cellphone cameras today have higher pixels than my camera. Hahaha.

So I'm planning to get a new digital camera with my own blood & sweat. =) Well, not really rushing to get one; after all, my Nikon coolpix 3700's still working fine. =) But I've narrowed it down to either Olympus or Canon.
[Canon IXUS 95 IS]

[Canon IXUS 100 IS]

[Love the black!]

[All pictures taken from]
Any suggestions on Olympus? =)
Anyone wants to buy me the above as Christmas present?? Anyone?? =))) Hehe.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Had a game last night with ITE College East Singapore ladies' team. It started off pretty well in the first period but things got a little messy in the 2nd. As usual. We manage to put in 11 goals but careless enough to allow one into our net, making it 11-1 to us.
[ITE College & Penang Ladies' Team]

But it was a real good experience playing with the Penang girls once again after a long break. Compared to Sabah, the games in Penang are definitely faster and with more accuracy. Time to polish up myself. ><
Oh ya, kena shot in the eye during the game. Ouch. She (the opponent) was much taller and "wider". And I was stupid enough to block her shots without covering my face. That's why lah kena hit in the eye. ><"
[Free eye shadow for the next one week. Hahaha!]

I'm so sorry people. Was supposed to post this a week ago. Hehe. So by the time you see this, my eye should have fully recovered. =) So no worries.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

KL short trip

It was totally random. Discussed about it a day earlier, pack my bags that morning itself, and off we went, to Malaysia's busiest city. =)
Didn't do much there though. Visited relatives, took my first KTM ride to Mid Valley, did some shopping (which I bought nothing), but ATE ALOT!! X)

Intersting things about this trip:
1. Stopped at Tapah rest station, and guess what??
They have Dunkin Donuts!! We don't even have it in Penang but there's one at a rest stop!!><" So being a big fan of Dunkin/donuts...

[Cute hor the box??]

2. Had a feeling I would meet somebody on the KTM; and true enough, I met a senior I haven't seen since high school!! Hahaha. Deja Vu. Ooooh. Creepy.

3. Had dinner with my aunt and her family at De Foodland, a famous seafood restaurant at Bandar Sri Menjalara. Two thumbs up for their dishes. Totally yummy!! =) I ate so much crabs, & accidentally cut my thumb! =( Consequences of being tam chiak! X)
[Sweet & sour crab]

[Fried butter crab]

[Ginger, yellow wine crab..something like that. Hehe.]

Oh ya, not forgetting the finger-licking-good chicken wings and meat balls from IKEA! Yum...! We were too hungry that time so before I could take a picture of everything it's already gone. So, this is part of the leftovers. =P
[Mr. Barbarian Version 2.0]

By the way, love the Christmas tree in Mid Valley. So tall, so pretty. =)

People who made this trip so freaking awesome:
[Mommy, Daddy & Weijin who's not in this pic. Hehe.]

Love you guys!! =)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Chungping

It was a very special weekend for both Matthew & Madalen 'cause they're finally married!! =) I was very excited too 'cause it was my first time being invited personally by the couple and not tag along with my parents to friends' and relatives' wedding. You know what I mean. Haha. X) And to see two floorballers get married, how awesome is that? =)

And as promised, here are some pictures of Matthew & Madalen's beautiful church wedding & dinner. =)
Church wedding
[Matthew & Madalen]

[Madalen & Luciana the bridesmaid]

[Walking down the aisle]

[Matthew saying "I do" =)]

[A picture with the beautiful floorballers =)]

[Cake cutting ceremony]

[Me with the bride & friends]

[And this is Coach Shawn & Leonard putting up a drama XP]

Wedding dinner
[This is us doing an entrance dance to Chris Brown's Forever, with Mat & Mad entering last. Was really nervous in the beginning with all the eyes staring. But it was really fun. Hehe.]

[The wedded couple]

[Their first bridal waltz. Was so so so sweet!!]

[See what I mean? =)]


[Yours truly]

[Ooooohhhh...the kissing game!]

[Nomads Floorball Club. For the first time, no one's sweaty & yucky, & no one's wearing green!]

[Hmmm...when's our turn to walk down the aisle? Hahahahahaha.]

[Shania & Jenn. So cute hor? =)]

[Us dancing Pocho-pocho! Fun!]

[A photo with the newly weds]

I'm not sure if you've attended enough weddings to compare the atmosphere but it's usually those couples who are really in love that their weddings are most enjoyable. And this is definitely one of those. =)
Congratulations, Matthew & Madalen! =)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Played Monopoly with friends 2 days before I came back to Penang. =)

And guess what??
I bankrupted all of them, swallowed their assets bit by bit, "killing them slowly"!! Wakakakakakakaka!!!
And one of them was even my class's top three students! *Proud* XP
Sorry Lai Yee. Had to show off abit. ;P
[Player 4 = Yours truly]

[The girls I "defeated": KarWai, Jenn, myself & LaiYee]

Haha. Not bad for a person who hasn't touched Monopoly for a decade. =)
Thinking of it, I'm gonna go take out my old, classic Monopoly to see how thick the dust on it is. XP

Home sweet home =)

It's true. =)