Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saranghaeyo Korea Festival

Last friday, Jenn, Yifui & myself visited the Saranghaeyo Korea Festival and watched one of the best live Korean performances I have ever seen (actually it's not like I've seen any anyway, hahahahaha :P).

Saranghaeyo Korea Festival is organized by the Korea Tourism Organization in collaboration with Sabah Tourism Board to promote Korea in Sabah and also in Malaysia. So here are some of the pics I took during the Korea House Folk Performance and also B-Boys.
(Sorry for the poor quality images people, was sitting pretty far back behind.)

Our tickets

Dance of the dawn

Farmer's dance

Fan dance

Korean gentlemen's dance

Dance of green and flowers

Korean love story

Traditional exorcism dance:
Okay, this is one dance that I don't understand if she's the ghost or we are. 'Cause she keep throwing her white cloth at our direction. Hahahahaha!!! XP

Traditional solo drum show

Grand show of drums

And the rest are some mind-blowing dancing from Korea's B-Boys. =)

Their dances are actually part of a live comedy called Break Out which is very famous in Korea. Basically they're a bunch of prisoners trying to break out of prison and in the mean time make fun of the prison guards. Very cute. =)
Me & the prison guard. Hehe. His body is super nice....X)))

This is the only B-Boy which doesn't have mata sepet.
But I think I still prefer mata sepet. =)

Jenn & Yifui


And through experience, Korea is really a country worth visiting. It's really really beautiful. So save up some money if you plan to visit Korea someday, and trust me, you won't regret it. =)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Chocolate fondue

Only one word - YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
though it got a little jelak towards the end.

Nothing compared to Haagen Dazs' Chocolate Fondue:

but this is EAT ALL YOU CAN at ONLY RM9.90!!! Hahahaha! Awesome or what? =)


Jenn & Hueyyi

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrp! =)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Experience with Team Unihoc Penang

Last week, Nomads Floorball Club had the privilege to host Team Unihoc Penang when they made their debut in Sabah. It was a two-day thingy with short matches and clinics on the first day; and on the second, Team Unihoc played against the newly formed and also Team Butterfly (Nomads' ladies team).
And needless to say, Team Unihoc was good both in skills and physical strength, though outnumbered.
Lessons on play-ups

Coach Edward telling us how to be a screener & how to deal with one.

Second day: Team Unihoc warming up

Team Unihoc Penang (in black) vs Sabah state team (in white)

Face off!!!

End of game. Don't really remember the score but both played well.=)

Team Butterfly warming up. See me not?!?!? #39 =)

Team Unihoc Penang (in blue) vs Team Butterfly (in black)

From left to right: Ming Hooi, Lavinia, Eeleen, Jenn, Kuan Yang

3,2,1 Team Butterfly!!!

Me during penalty shoot out - And I scored! X)

Final briefing.

Then we had makan-makan in the evening at Madalen's house.
Awesome food, awesome fellowship! =)

Nah, there's Madalen! =) Our tai kah che.

Butterfly feet - smelly ones I would say. Hahahahaha!!! X)

And obviously this is Jenn and Lala, trying to prove themselves worthy of the nice food - by helping to clean up the mess. But as a witness's point-of-view....
NAHHHHHH!!! :P hahahahahahahah!!!

Played Partini after dinner. And one thing I know for sure, the guys are really bad in this game. XP Sorry...just being honest. X)

Kawan-kawan sekalian yang nak support aku & jenn konon - sebernarnya nak datang tengok leng chai saja. Ish!!! ><

And these two are our awesome goalies...
Leonard (future national goalie - the Malaysian flag behind is a sign!) X)

& so is Felix, in his catstand position - who did alot of awesome saves when the "wall of defense" fell apart! =)

Thank you Team Unihoc for the great experience and fun!
See you soon! =)
And as of Nomads FC, lets polish up our skills and be better floorballers!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009