Friday, November 23, 2012


The author of this blog has been really sick these two weeks. :(
And being a pharmaceutical rep., I see doctors everyday, to the extend I don't feel like seeing them when I'm sick. Heh. But I've been coughing so badly that I finally couldn't take it anymore, so I went to the doctor yesterday. And guess what? I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. 

Bronchitis is inflammation or swelling of the bronchial tubes (bronchi), the air passages between the nose and the lungs. More specifically, bronchitis is when the lining of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed or infected.
People with bronchitis breathe less air and oxygen into their lungs; they also have heavy mucus or phlegm forming in the airways. Taken from

No wonder my coughing is so bad. :(
And the funny part is, I sell antibiotics for the treatment of AECB (Acute Exacerbation Chronic Bronchitis). Haha. Irony. 
The doctor gave me antibiotics, meds for my cough, meds to clear my thick phlegm and for flu. He said I must have a caught a virus or a bacteria. And I suspect I got it from the hospital when I was seeing my doctors. Work hazard. Gah.

Anyhow, I do feel better today after taking a day off, and resting more. Finally!! After 2 weeks of coughing. :) But my medications are making my fingers tremble like I've got Parkinson's. Haha. And I'm feeling weak and tired that I have problem driving due to poor judgement. Sigh. But nonetheless, thank God I'm feeling much better today. Can't wait to get better so I could bring Dreamer out for a ride. ;) 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

APBIM 2012

I remember my first half marathon in year 2011. It was horrible. I was limping due to cramps on both legs, and crying when I cross the finishing line. Dreadful.

Last Sunday, 18th November 2012, was my 2nd half marathon. It was also my first and last Penang Bridge Marathon on the old bridge. :) So I would say it's a memorable one. Because according to others, next year's marathon will be on the new bridge. So I assume they're gonna rush to finish up the new bridge by 2013. 

I wasn't well prepared for the marathon at all. Neither physically nor mentally. It was raining every evening since 3 weeks before the marathon, so I couldn't really train, all because I was down with a cold. I'm still coughing like mad right now as I'm writing this post. :( Couldn't sleep the night before the marathon 'cause again, my throat was irritated and I kept waking up and coughing, to the extend I had to sleep in the living room, afraid of waking up my family and Captain Awesome (he was gonna run full marathon so I know how important it is for him to sleep).
Woke up at around 12.30AM, feeling horrible and having a thousand thoughts of just quitting and not going for the marathon. But nonetheless, I dragged my lazy a** to the marathon site. After saying goodbye to Captain Awesome, as his full marathon flag-off time is at 2:00AM, I sat there alone, day dreaming, looking at girls with skinny muscular legs; at guys with tight 2XU pants (sadly no handsome ones); and watching Mr. Siput warm up beside me (He was the fella who wore a snail suit and ran half marathon, I think, and written on his shell was "Run Like A Siput). Haha. Then I went to the portable toilet booth to ease my bladder, wondering if the whole booth would actually tumble over if I push it hard enough from the inside. Then I visited the different different tents, warmed up with the aerobics team like a malfunction robot 'cause I couldn't follow the steps. Yea. That was basically what I did in one hour and 15 minutes until it's time for my flag-off time, 3:15AM.

It wasn't an easy run, especially running with a dry, phlegmy throat, and coughing all the way. It was tough. I couldn't breathe properly. Then the first nightmare came, a pain on my left ankle starting from 9km. But I told myself, just keep running, and if it becomes too unbearable, just walk. So that's what I did. I ran and walk, ran and walk. I stopped at every St. John emergency "pit-stop" and asked for them to ice my left ankle. It didn't help. But I continue to ran.

Then came the 2nd nightmare. The urge to bang sai. =.=" Every portable toilet I see by the road side was so tempting. But when I imagine what I would smell and see when I open the door, I just tell myself: "Screw it. Just tahan til you finish the race and get home."
Then the image of the toilet bowl in my house suddenly turns to shinny gold. Hehehehe. 

I finish in 2 hours and 48 minutes. My strongest run was the last 4km. Probably because I want to bang sai so badly. Haha. Went to the APBIM website today and found my ranking: 360/1876. Lousy. Haha.
But nonetheless, I think I did pretty well this time even without proper training and bad physical condition. 2013 perhaps, I'll finish it in 2 hours and 15 minutes. ;)
Credits to Deswyn :)

[Finisher medal: Medals last longer than pain. ;) ]

Lastly, I wanna thank God for giving me the strength and determination to finish my half marathon, and also for helping Captain Awesome to finish his full marathon way before his time limit *prouds* and also for helping our friends too. Til next year. :)
[Captain Awesome and his full marathon finisher tshirt. :) ]
You did well, hun.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The New Ride

I've waited for this moment for years. And it finally came true.
[ Meet my partner in crime ;) ]
 [ Every hero needs a helmet to protect their heads :P ]

I'm still getting used to riding this stallion. It feels different because the tyres are really thin and thus needs more control. I haven't found a name for my bike yet. Any suggestions peeps? :)
And Penang Bridge Marathon is in 3 days time. I really signed up for sh*t this time. =.="
Dear legs, be strong this Sunday. *Fingers cross*

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Because Of You

Because of You,
I learnt how to forgive others when they hurt me.
Because of You,
I was able to love those unlovable.
Because of You,
I learnt to show kindness and gentleness to those who don't deserve it in men's eyes.
Because of You,
I was able to give generously to those in need.

Because just like them, I've hurt others, I am unlovable, I'm undeserving...
Yet You love me unconditionally, and You never gave up on me.
And as Christmas approach, I hope I will be able to share this love with someone who needs this grace just as much as I do. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comfort Zone vs Struggling

Everybody enjoys being comfortable. A comfortable seat, comfortable working environment, comfortable bed. Ahhhhh... Who doesn't want right? ;)
But the truth is, being too comfortable isn't gonna do us any good. Comfort zone, is one of the most dangerous places a person can be in, especially if one doesn't notice it.

When we're in our comfort zone, we don't strive to be better. Our thoughts, our efforts, our character is not being challenged. Our faith cannot be stretched. We become so well-fixed that we tend to stay at that moment, not wanting to move forward.

We think we're good enough. We think we're the best.
When someone asks us to do something beyond the ordinary, we complaint;
When someone else comes up with a better idea, we turn it down immediately without thinking it through, just because we feel uncomfortable about it.
And most of all, when we become too comfortable in our own comfort zone, we forget about God; the one who provides us all we need, from the daily meals on our table, to the safety of our home and loved ones.

So I always pray, that my life would not be a bed of roses. 'Cause I don't want to sink into my comfort zone. I don't want to forget about the wonderful hands that fed me and protected me. 
It doesn't matter it life gets a lil' rough at times, or if it bring a little discomfort.
Because when I struggle, I remember of the Lord.
I remember that God is in control, no matter how bad the situation is.
I remember how to hold on to my faith in Jesus during hard times, and I remember where my help comes from.
And because even when I struggle, I know that His grace and mercy is sufficient for me to carry me through.

So my question to you today is, "Are you in your comfort zone?". Time to get out of it.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. " -Neale Walsh

Picture taken from