Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A love letter...

Hi there my love. It's been a while. How have you been? Well, I'm doing fine... Except for the times when i miss you.
Sometimes thoughts of you would flow in so heavily that it drowns me. And those are the moments which i wish i had never let you go.
Still remember the first time i held your hand? You were so nervous that your hands were sweating. But it did not stop me from wanting to hold them in mine whenever I get the chance. I still remember myself telling you how perfectly our fingers fit into each others'. It was a wonderful feeling.
And remember how we used to talk on the phone for such long hours that even when our ears were burning and our lips were tired of smiling but still we refuse to hang up? And we would go "You hang up first." "No, you hang up first." And it goes on until we really need to go.
It was just like yesterday when you were still mine. We would share everything together, from our likes and dislikes, the laughter, tears, food, movies, and even the slightest things like the weather.

I miss you my love. I still keep your letters. I still listen to the CD you made for me. Whenever i drive pass your place I wish you were somehow looking out the window. And the smell of your hair and skin still lingers...
I know I can't turn back time. But this very moment, I just thought you should know that i really, really miss you.
And you'll always be special to me.

I wish you were here to see this.

Monday, April 27, 2009



Gotcha!!! X)

For you...

These three little flowers are for all of you out there who've
loved me,
taught me,
stood by me,

corrected me,
cried with me,
laughed with me,
fought side by side with me,

shown me the true meaning of friendship,
blessed me in many different ways,
understood me,

and have been through life's ups and downs together with me...

I hear by say
"Thank You"
from the bottom of my heart. =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 more papers to go!!!

and YES. 4 more. 4 more dreadful papers...
and they are:
# Nutrition in The Life Cycle
# Physical Properties of Foods

# Accounting

# Food Microbiology

But by the end of it, I'll be going home. Back to the place where i truly belong. =)

my home sweet home =)

cute right?! =)

Saw this bucket truck stopping by the roundabout to fix some street lamps when I was driving to uni in the morning to go for class. =)

Bucket truck with giraffe painting

Ain't it cute?! haha! it's definitely not some old, boring bucket truck you see on the streets.
I like the giraffe painting on it. hehe. =)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

study week...=(

i'm currently having my 1 week study week. And it's ending very soon. It's already Friday!!=(
Next week comes my finals... *sigh*
Help me Lord...

i really hope i'm not like this fella...=(

But i know that i'll make it through.

Nothing is impossible when you trust in Him. =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more updates =)

well, basically i had a busy but interesting week. =) so, here it goes...

# Tuesday

Dad received the card I sent him. And i know he likes it and he's happy. I can hear it in his voice. =)
Happy birthday daddy!! =)

and Yes! My dad is sooooo cute!!!=) hahahaha!

# Wednesday
We celebrated my friend/coursemate's - yifui's birthday. She's a rather shy girl so didn't get to take much of her picture.
But oh well, we got her a box of ice-cream with candles on it instead of the same old boring cake, and she liked it. So did everybody else. =)
(thanks to the person who came up with the awesome idea which is - ME! muahahahaha.)

See...told you everybody liked it. =) btw, yifui's the one in black polo t.:)

Then we went shopping for her birthday present. Went to FOS and got her 4 tshirts and put it in a cow + alien gift box. =)
(no picture to show ya. hehe. sorrrrrrrryyyyy.)
After that, i guess we were to stressed out by months of labwork, assignments, lectures, quizes, exams, and the list goes on... So we decided to go to BuBu Land. It's a mini arcade. haha.

I liked the water rafting game. It's like super super funny!!!=D hahahaha.
I remember laughing so much that i nearly drop dead on the floor.
Okay. i'm just exaggerating. but it's really funny okay...=)

Alright. That's it for wednesday. =)

# Saturday
Jenn and i woke up at 5.30am and headed to uni. early right? 'Cause we went on a trip to a mushroom farm!!! =)
Unfortunately, we were appointed to sit in a van instead of a bus. And the van driver was driving as if he's in a F1 race or something. Gilaaaa!!! thank God no one puked and i'm still alive to write you this post. =)

These are some of the shrooms that we saw:
(the usual mushroom that we eat), ling zhi, and the oyster mushroom. =)

This is how you differentiate an edible mushroom from an inedible one:
1. The inedible ones are usually colorful and very attractive
2. They turn the color of your knife (the blade) from silver to grey or black when you cut it
3. No bugs or animals will go near it
4. You die once you eat it (HAHAHAHA!!!)

Isn't this tree cute?! it's in the shape of a mushroom!=)
that includes you jenn. yes, you.=)


Btw, we stopped at some place for the drivers to rest and we were able to get a real good view of KK mount. =)
It looks so near that i feel like flying towards it. =)

Well, we had fun at the mushroom farm. Learn quite alot, such as mushrooms are not grown on the ground (industrially la...), they are grown in p'p' bags. Wanna know what a p'p' bag is?
Go online and find la! hahaha. :P

# Sunday
It's easter!

Well, easter is not really about bunnies and eggs.
But because HE lives, that i can face tomorrow. =)

Thank you Jesus. For dying on the cross for me.

Then came afternoon - Nomads floorball league.

Hmm...i'm not gonna tell you about the game. Whether it's fair or not, i'm not gonna comment. But i had fun and experience. That's the most important thing. =)

That's me. #39. in a match against Reloaded.

thumbs up for team Nomads!!!=)

me, lavinia aka lala, and shania. hehe. Try to find shania!!

And i got a chance to take a pic with Sydney. isn't he cute?! haha.=)
(too bad he's too young. :P)

Well, that's all for now. Will write again soon. =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

it was just another saturday evening...

both Jenn and I were like: "Eh...what to eat ha?very sien laaaa...everyday eat same thing. *Sigh*"
Then suddenly...Tinkkkkkk!!!! (light bulb appears right on top of my head)
Me: "Let's try spaghetti with mushroom soup, add some onions, carrots, garlic and sausages!"
Jenn: "You sure or not? Later I lao sai how?
Me: "Can wan la... don't worry. Trust me." (hehe.;P)
And i guess i was convincing enough when i said "Trust me". So we went on cooking.
After 30 minutes...
Me: "Eh Jenn, why the water still cannot boil wan?"
Jenn: "Eikkkk. Dono ar...(scratch head) but we switch on the rice cooker half an hour ago dee."
Me: "Hmmm...weird."
So i checked up and down. Then suddenly...
Me: "Apalahhhhhhhhhh... We didn't even push the button down, how to boil?!?!?"
So we both went... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Ooops. My stomach made noise. =)
So we went on cooking.
After 1 hour...
Spaghetti's done and started mushroom soup. Dumped in all the other ingredients after few minutes.
After 1 hour and 15 minutes...

Jenn's portion

Mine. =) that's why i'm getting fatter. =(

Well, it was really nice. Though it didn't look too appetizing in the pic. Hehe. But most important of all, Jenn didn't lao sai, & we're still alive!!!
Last but not least. thanking you mommy. =) For suggesting this recipe to me a month ago. Love you so much!=)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Jenn and I was cleaning our room here in Sabah after the mess the workers did fixing the leaking pipe. And suddenly...........................................................................
Jenn found this.=)

m&m's!!! A real big bottle Jenn bought for me when she went to Bangkok.

Haha. I know, I know...it's awesome right? it's a super pack. I think there are about 2000 biji left inside (cause i already makan quater of it). Hehe. It's my favorite since long long time ago.=)

my laptop has extra colorful keys!!! :)

yummy yummy!

to all m&m's lovers out there: i hope this puts a smile on your face when you see this. Don't waste any second; GET TO THE NEAREST GROCERY STORE AND GET ONE!!!
m&m's should pay me man... for advertising for them. HAHAHA!!! =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

it's April Fool's day...=)

and i can't believe myself that i didn't fooled anyone. but i guess April fool's for kids huh...and i'm no longer one.=( so all ya kids out there, make sure you have lots of fun playing pranks on people (and i mean nice pranks la, don't be so naughty) before you grow up!:)
And it's ah pi's birthday today! so...happy birthday girl...=) have a wonderful and blessed birthday ya...
It's amazing how time flies. March is over. Another 9 months left before 2009 ends. Another 2 weeks before my final exams. Another 5 weeks before i go back to Penang!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!!=) haha. And most important of all, another 6 days to my hero's birthday.=)
Bought daddy a card and a nice bookmark (since that's the only thing i can send back with a 30 cents stamp). hehe. It's really nothing much but i really hope he'll like it.=)

The hero and the zero. =)

I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Gonna get lunch now.

Me: (Looking at the menu) Chicken chop - RM10, cheese baked lobster - RM55, pepperoni and cheese pizza - RM27, double cheeseburger - RM7, chocolate malt bubble milk tea - RM3.50 (cheapest) and the list goes on...
Waitress: (being annoyed waiting for me) So what do you want?
Me: (Looking into my wallet and whispering to myself) ooopss... i only have RM3.50. Drinking chocolate malt won't sustain me for the day.
So i stood up. Closed the menu, and walked out of the shop and into my favorite 3-dishes and rice-shop - all for only RM3.50!!!=)
I bet the waitress must be "cursing" me. Oooooopss. =)