Saturday, December 31, 2011

In 12 Hours Time

......I'll be wishing everyone Happy New Year 2012!!

Time really flies. But I'm very sure that with God in my life, year 2012 is gonna be another great, awesome year. :) So come what may, for God is with me. And who can be against me? :)
I miss the feeling of watching fireworks in a cold winter place. :)
Happy New Year, peeps!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Will You Marry Me?

This video made me cry in the office. :')
Love is a beautiful yet crazy thing.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lunch Time

I don't have colleagues to have lunch with usually. 'Cause it's just me and another beautician, who's always not in the office.
So it's just me and whatever is in my lunch box. Teehee. :)
[Sandwiches with cold cuts!! :) ]

[Nasi Lemak]

Nasi Lemak has evolved along the years.. Remember they use to wrap Nasi Lemak with just banana leaves and newspaper, where you can eat and read the news at the same time?? :)
Picture courtesy of

Now they even have phone numbers and Facebook ad printed on the wrappings. LOL. Talking about Nasi Lemak, I'm missing the one in Sri Weld - Ali Nasi Lemak. Shawn's all crazy about it. :)
Picture courtesy of

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Christmas Eve

...was not like any other Christmas Eve. It was special, fun and busyyyy!! :)
Shawn and I spent this year's Christmas apart. He was in KK, and myself in Penang. But with the help of technology, we Skyped and countdown to Christmas eve! :) We couldn't count down to Christmas 'cause he'll be busy in church, and I know for sure I'll be too tired to stay up until 12am after my church's awesome Christmas event (follow me 'til the end of this blog post and you'll know). :)

When you're in a LDR, Skype, webcam, phone calls, SMSs are your primary choices of communication and to meet each other half way. :) I reminded him before I left my office that our "date" is at 11pm. And when I switch on Skype and my webcam at 11, he was there in a shirt, white tie and a coat!! Hahahaha!! Silly him. :)
[Captain Awesome all suit up and handsome. :) ]
[Had to cover my horrible pimples..:( ]

It was a fun night. :) We opened each others' presents at midnight, talk for a little while longer and I had to go because I have to wake up at 6am the next day.
[A parcel all the way from Sabah.]
[Totally love what I saw in the box!]
[Green bunny box]
 [One of the things in my Christmas Wish List. :) Thanks hun.]

Then came Christmas Eve morning! My church organized our second Christmas with the Community event, where we have a Christmas Carnival with game stalls and food stalls -
All for free!! :) All they needed to do, was to walk into the carnival, register their names, and have fun!!

We had a total of 12 game stalls, from Pinball to mini Golf; we gave out free ice creams, free lunch; we also organized a coloring competition for the children, blood donation, free pap smear and breasts examination, free hair cut and many more! We also invited clowns to give away cute little balloons!! :) And our Youth team presented a dance, singing performance and also few sessions of caroling. It was a great event. A total of 1600 people turn up, some did not register so there could probably be more people. :)
[Mee & I]
 [Me & the Egg]
 [This is our very own made Pinball board - Dee, Uncle Wilbur and Co. are just plain awesome. :)]
[Look at the crowd!!]
 [Free hair cut. Anyone??]
[I took the courage to take picture with one of the clowns - Jenny. So proud of myself. :P ]
I was the emcee of the event and almost lost my voice when the event ended. Haha! Had an ulcer though. And it still hasn't recover. :( But it was all worth it. The smiles on the children's faces and especially on the old folks... Priceless. :) 
[Our event was in the newspaper the next day!! :) ]

And oh oh!!! I had my first bite and taste of macarons! :D It was... 
No big deal. Hahahaha! My friends made it sound like when you have a mouth of it, you'll be fly like a G6!! Apparently, the first thing that came to my mind was - Diabetes. LOL.
But anyhow, thank you XiuQi!!! For the wonderful macarons!!! :))
[Macarons from Delectable by Su, The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur] 
Merry Christmas everyone!! :) And a Happy New Year. 3 more days to go and it's 2012!!
Any New Year's Resolution?? :)
[Teddy wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!]

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

For God So Love The World

I took the chance to invite my cousin brother to our Christmas service. And guess what??
He's asking if he could join me again next Sunday for the 2012 New Year's Celebration Service!! :)

And after the Christmas celebration service, I gave him 2 Cloud 9 chocolate bars tied together with a heart made of chenille wire, and see what he did with it? :)
I felt soooo appreciated when I saw the above photo posted on my facebook wall. :)

Thank you, Adrian. :) And know that you're loved, by your parents, by your family (which includes me), and most importantly, the one who created you in your mother's womb, loves you. God knows your beginning and your end; He knows when you're sad; He knows when you're happy; He knows your heart's desires, and understands your brokenness, even when you think that no one does. :) But let me tell you my dear brother, you are better than who you think you are. You are stronger inside than what others tell you. Because God has made us to be more than conquerors. :) Romans 8:31-39.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Reminiscence of The Past

[Fashion Plates]
I still keep this. Mee used to play with this, then she passed it down to me. :)

[Icing sugar biscuit]
Eat the icing, feed the birds with the biscuit. HAHA!

[Care bears!! Favorite cartoon. :)]

[Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats!!!]

[Peter and Jane - favorite books!!]

[Snakes and Ladders - old school board games.]
Do kids nowadays still play this?? :)

[Nintendo games - Ninja Turtle]

I LOVEEEEEE Ninja Turtles!!! They are my very first favorite heroes together with Biker Mice!!! :)
Leo's the love...! :) He's the one with the blue eye mask and his awesome Samurai swords! ;)

[This is me putting on a Ninja turtle face mask, and holding a gun to my brother's head. 
Look at WeiJin's innocent face...Awwwww...:)

[Look at my tshirt. Another proof that I'm a big fan of Ninja Turtle. Hehe.]
Sorry for the poor picture quality. :)

The Yellow Thing

See who I bumped into the other day?? :)

m&m!!!!!!! My all time favorite. :) 
Just because the chocs are colorful. Hehehehehe. :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hahaha!! Can't stop laughing at this picture..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :D

Best Friends

Seasons change, and so do people. I couldn't agree more.
Stepping into adulthood has very much change my perception towards the term "best friend". To be honest, I find the term to be rather ridiculous nowadays. Please don't get me wrong. For those of you who still have a best friend whom you share everything with and cannot live without each other, good for you. And I wish you two a long lasting friendship. :)

But today, if you're already in your 20s, started working, and you have 3 person on this earth (minus your parents and siblings) whom you can trust whole heartedly, consider yourself blessed. Serious.
People come and go, so do friends. Some stay only for a while; some a little longer; some exist just to piss you off; some to hurt you so you'd grow; some make you feel really special for a moment and then disappear etc. But I believe every single person who came into our lives were put there for a season and for a reason.

As for me, I lost someone whom I used to call a best friend. We promised to go places together; we said things will never change between us; we said distance will never tear us apart. But it did.
It bothered me a lot for the past few years. It hurts to think how a friendship so strong can go cold and bad. But all I can say today, is that it has happened, and I'm over it. I've accepted the fact that seasons change, and so do people. No matter how we try to stop it.

However, I thank God for my besties and close buddies that have always been there throughout the years... :) They love you for who you are; they don't judge you; they're not afraid to give you a smack on the head when you're doing something stupid..:)
So here's to all of you friends who are very dear to my heart:
THANK YOU. For everything. :) And you know I'll always be there for you peeps too. :)
Dedicated to Mel, Anne, Suelyn, Ah Ping, Johnathan, Woan Sein, Theresa, Lavin, WeiJin, and not forgetting Shawn. :)
Sorry if I miss out certain names! You'd know if you're dear to me. It works both ways. :)
[Meleen - Some besties will even stop you from watching silly movies like Twilight. LOL]

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you one of them?

It makes me very sad to see how some children can ill treat their parents. And when I say ill-treat, I don't only mean extreme situations like beating our parents or not giving them food. It simply means being disobedient or not honoring them.

I was at a customer's home the other day to conduct health screening for her and her friends. BIG HOUSE. It doesn't require a 5 year old to notice that she was rich. Or her husband was rich. Either way laaa. She was a nice lady. So was the husband. :) But not so when it comes to my client's daughter. Pffffft. I entered the house and the first thing I did was to smile at the daughter. First impressions are important ma.. And you know what? All she did was stare back at me.
She literally stared at me with hate (maybe I was disturbing her and her TV).

She looked like she was 17 or 18 years of age. And while I was there for 5 hours, all she did was sit in front of the TV holding the remote control. A total of 5 hours! I mean, fine la..maybe she just finish SPM so she's enjoying some quality time with the TV. But then suddenly, she shouted at the mom,
"MOM!!! Did you know you didn't close the gate?? Close the gate!".

I was shocked. Not because of her shouting (partly laaa), but mostly because she was sitting just 3 meters away from the Auto-gate switch button, while my client was probably 20 meters away. Not to mention the way she COMMANDED her mom to close the gate.
Then around 6pm, I was still talking to my client about future appointments, the daughter shouted again,
"MOM!!! DINNER!!!".

She repeated 3 times, each time yelling louder and louder. And this is not the best part yet.
She barged into the meeting room, gave her mom that cold stare, making it obvious that she was annoyed, and said again,  
"Mom, do you know what time is it now? Where's my dinner??" The father politely answered her daughter,  
"Mommy's busy now.".
And you know what she replied her dad???
"Am I talking to you?"

I felt like walking towards her and giving her a tight slap on the face. For goodness sake, she's old enough to make her own dinner, and I'm very sure she could drive out to buy her dinner too if she's that hungry, 'cause I saw a "P" sticker on the car!!! Ughhhhh!!! Thinking about the situation as I'm typing this just makes me angry. Are you feeling what I'm feeling?? Sigh.

Are most families like this nowadays? I hope this is not a common trend in today's society, if not I'll be really, really sad and worried. :/ I've also seen how some children treat their homes like hotel. They go out in the morning, come back at night, lock the door and do their own things. They don't spend quality time with their parents, don't talk to them, they don't even have dinner with them.
Sigh. Double sighs. Triple sighs. :(

The bible clearly says,
"Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.", Colossians 3:20.
Exodus 20:12, "Honour your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you."

It doesn't say, honour your parents only if they're loving towards you.; or obey your parents if you feel like it. No, it doesn't.

How many of us are treating our aged parents with love and affection? Or giving them the same kindness we're giving to our friends, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend?
Or are you one of them, who is denying your parents the attention that they deserve?
They're not gonna be around forever. Maybe not even for Christmas. Who'd know?
Think about it.