Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Merdeka Cup

I was supposed to blog about this since 2 weeks ago, but I haven't had the time to do so. Blame it on my job. :P Hehe. For most of you who know me, or follow my blog (which is rather rare nowadays but oh well), you'd know that I play floorball. And the Penang state team has been training really hard for the so-called Merdeka Cup, which was supposed to fall on Malaysia's Independence Day, but ended up being postponed to 13th-14th October. =.="
[Penang State Team 2012]
It was supposed to be a game between Penang and Selangor, but unfortunately, our opponent decided to import a few ang mors into their men's team. It was a disadvantage for the Penang Men's team, but nonetheless, the boys put on a good fight. 
And as for the Penang Ladies' team, I'd say we don't deserve to lose, but yet, don't deserve to win. :) We don't deserve to lose because we played a better game than our opponent. We had the game under control and we forced them to play at our pace. However, we were unable to convert our chances and opportunities into goals. :/ Sad, but true. But if you ask me what I think about the Penang girls.. I only have one thing to say: I'm really, really proud of them. :) 

[Blessed and proud to have played with each of them :)]

[Anybody knows who's the one in the white glasses?? Very cool ler she...
Most of the girls in our team were very young, and thus, less experience. But they ran, and they fought. And I believe, if we put in double the effort and commitment, when we go back for Merdeka Cup 2013 next year, we WILL conquer. :) No doubt. 
 [My little pride :)]

It was a really good trip. Had so much fun. Really. :) I've never been the talkative kind of person, but just by listening to what the girls have to say, I could laugh my a** off. :D And not forgetting the night Winnie, Natasha and myself had to sleep knowing that there's a cockroach crawling somewhere in the room (I still think it went into Winnie's ear and came out dy. HAHA!), and also getting to meet the first Malaysian lady to win an Olympic medal! Pandelela Rinong. :) 

[The 2 monkeys in my room: Nat and Winnie]

[Potential circus performers]
And oh oh!! I get to try out kick boxing for the first time!! Heheheheheeeee. But ended up getting a bad headache for a whole10 minutes after the sparring session. Serene punched my head well. HAHA! :)

[Eeleen & Serene. We both have the same birth date. ;)]
[And this is the best!!! Watching the two sisters fight each other!!! Hahaha!!]
 Sharron *punches Serene*: "That's for stealing my food all the time!!"
Serene "punches back Sharron*: "And that's for telling mommy when I secretly talk over the phone whole night!!"
Okay. I'm being lame.

Floorball. Not a sport that is as famous as badminton or football in Malaysia yet. But it's not just about fame. It's about the passion. It's about helping the younger teammates to grow into a better player, even if they may end up outdoing me. But that's the point. They have to be better. So that the game grows, and so that they challenge me to become a better player myself too. :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Money Not Enough $$$

I remember when I received my first summer job pay check, I felt like the richest person on earth. Serious. I had no commitment or whatsoever, so after giving a portion to my parents and also tithes, I had more than enough to keep and spend. It was an awesome feeling. And I remember telling myself, if I could do so much with this summer job pay check, imagine what I could do with a real salary!!

But sadly, that's not the case. LOL. As you grow up, your commitments increase. Car loans, phone bills, credit card bills etc. GAH. Why oh why......................... Sigh.
I guess it's just part of growing up la.. :(
HOWEVER, if I sit down and reflect upon my life, I actually have all I need. :) It's the "wants" that is burning a hole in my pocket. Hehe. For example... TAAA DAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Oakley Jawbone. It just spells A.W.E.S.O.M.E. 
Like me. Bwahahahahahahahahahaa.
Awesome sun glasses for awesome people. A must have. Hehe.

And then, there's my road bike. Another bomb in the pocket. 

And my new Unihoc stick finally arrived!! Can't take it seriously with its color but I'm sure it'll kick ass. :D
Player + 1.5 Curve :)

I guess I just have to work harder la that's all...:) 加油!! 加油!!