Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolution =)

I make New Year's Resolutions for myself every year. And whether or not I finish them is another thing. Hehehe. But to me, to have a list of them, is the beginning of a great start. ;) I hope it's still not too late for 2013's Resolution. It's still January maaa... And to be honest, I think I did fairly well achieving last year's resolution. Except for the part where I'm supposed to keep my body fat % below 18%. BIG FAT failure. Sigh. But I'm gonna try again this year!!! :)

So here goes my list:
1. Hit my sales target and improve overall job performance = sell more drugs. Legally. ;)
2. Improve my daily walk with God.
3. Run at least 2 marathons, with the 2nd marathon within 2 hrs 20 mins.
3. Take part in one triathlon. Whatever the distance or time may be.
4. Go on a vacation. Like a really, really relaxing one. No rushing here and there. No hardcore shopping. One that just allows me to sit there, stare at the beautiful sky or some awesome scenery and day dream about anything I want.
5. Tone up my body. Improve heart rate.
6. Go for blood test. *Digging my own grave*
7. Be true and honest to myself.
8. Be attentive and really listen when others are talking. 
9. Blog more often!!
10. Be happy and contented at how I look in front of the mirror even when I'm without make up.
11. Get out of debt. CC debt = GG. Gone game.
12. Use my manners. "Thank you", "sorry", "please", even when others don't do it or deserve it. Someone has to be the better person. I'll start with me.
13. Speak verbally more. I've always been a texting kinda person. I guess it's because I'm not confident speaking in English, thus I tend to text more. But this needs a change.
14. Spend less time on the phone/ipad/computer. We humans are losing the beautiful art of face to face communication. And that is just plain sad. 
That day I left my phone at home for a whole 4 hours, and I realize, I had more time to spend with people around me, talking and laughing. And it also made me realize, that I can actually live without my phone.
15. Spend more time with my family. They won't be here forever.
16. Learn to forgive easily, and enjoy life more.
17. Go for swimming lessons. Heh.
18. Do more recycling. SAVE THE EARTH!!!
19. Save up more. By starting to clear my debts. Sigh.
20. Help those in need.
21. Smile more. And be truly happy.
22. Recognize and appreciate those who truly love and care about me. For those of you whom always seem too busy for me...especially to even reply a text... I'm sorry. My life is short too. I'd rather spend it appreciating those who appreciate my company too.
23. Oh!!! Oh!!! To keep my body fat % below 18%. Hehe.
24. Eat more vegetables and bean sprout.
25. Learn to prioritize. Decide on what's important Eeleen, you're not Super Girl.
26. Be teachable, humble and always gentle.
27. Meet more new people.
28. Don't judge. Be more accepting of others.
29. Cut my hair short.
30. Learn to let go of the past.

All the best, Eeleen. *Fingers cross* =)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Morning...

I successfully dragged my brother out of bed on a cold, rainy, public holiday morning, at 6am, just to go cycling with me. YESH!!! *Smirk* For those of u who don't know us, my brother and I are 3 years apart, but look very much alike. Which only means either I look like a guy, or he looks like a girl. HAHAHAHA. I choose to believe the latter one. :P 
Someone once commented that maybe my brother and i got mixed up in terms of personality. 'Cause I'm the one who's always outside in the sun and rain, running, cycling, sweating; while he sits at home enjoying the comforts of the roof over his head. But I'm sure God doesn't make mistakes la..:) I'm sure we are both given these traits to glorify Him in different ways.

So yessss, I managed to drag that lazy bum out of bed, and together with my aunt and uncle, we cycled from the foot of Penang hill to Straits Quay, then to Gurney, and back again. :) I really hope he enjoyed himself, 'cause I enjoyed bringing my little brother cycling around some parts of Penang Island. :)

While we stop at the traffic lights at Cantonment Road, there was this stall selling apom (local pancake/crepes). Their pancakes smell soooooo good that my aunt couldn't resist. Thus..*the picture below*
[Spotted buying pancakes!! Haha.]
To be honest, I really miss floorball and the people I train with. I miss running too. These two are the things that keep my head straight and clear, and without them both, something just feel...
not right. :(

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clenched Teeth, Clenched fists

I wished I could say that my new year started off with a bang. But sadly, it has been a bumpy ride ever since the first day of 2013. I really wanted to tell you my story, but after thinking through twice, I don't think it's too appropriate to write out my situation here, as I don't want my readers to be judging the people around me. Or misunderstand my situation. And most importantly, I don't want to say things that I can't take back, or hurt people with my words.

Sometimes I really wonder if God truly understands. 'Cause if He does, why does He allow anyone, allow me to go through this storm and feel so helpless, discouraged, and lonely..? Sigh. 
But of course He does. I'm sure Jesus felt the same the night before He was crucified. Helpless and lonely. Of course He does understand. 

Watched 7 pounds just now in the evening, and gave myself a reason to cry. Guess all I needed was someone to talk to; someone who understands. Someone who'd just come over and give me a hug, and say: "This is just temporary. It'll all be okay." But tonight, even those whom I thought cared about me most, are just too busy for me.

I will be okay. There are others in way more difficult situations than I am. I shouldn't be complaining here. So yes. I am gonna stop feeling sorry for myself and pick up my baton and continue running.
Come what may, I'm just gonna clenched my teeth and fists, and go against this storm.
Because I know, every storm runs out of rain. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All About Dreamer

My dad is seriously turning my bike into a moving Christmas tree! But I understand his concern also laaaa. I hear about cyclists getting killed on Penang roads more often than I eat mangoes, which is quite often. :(
[Feel free to count the amount of lights and reflectors I have! =)]

But anyway, I took Drea (short for Dreamer), for service last Thursday 'cause she feels a weetle bit weird. And it turns out that the back tyre tube is leaking, gear is a bit off, causing the gear change to be a bit slow. And I also asked uncle to drop my handle bar a little lower. When I came back and took her for a ride... Whooosh!! That's more like it. =)
I'll get you a new set of tyres when I'm richer, Drea. Cross my heart.

Friday, January 18, 2013

AS: Alan & Sharron

It's always sweet when a friend you know for a period of time ties the knot with someone they love. :) I knew Sharron from floorball. And to be frank, when we first met, I was kinda scared of her. You know goalies la.. They scream at you over everything. 
Ball fly here, scream at you; ball fly there, scream at you. Opponents block her view, scream at you; opponents running down, scream at you; when she gets the ball and you don't run down fast enough, scream at you. So after a game, her voice will still be ringing in my head, together with the coaches'. =.=" But if I had to choose a lady goalie and put the word "Legend" beside it, it will definitely be Sharron. :)

So.. I was very honoured to be invited to her Bachelorette Party (which her friends called it as "Hen's night", but I still think Bachelorette Party is a cooler term loh), and it was really fun. Haha. It was nothing like the first Bachelorette Party that I attended 4 years ago, which involved quite alot of drinking. Hehe. Shhhhh. Sharron's party was sweeter and cuter. :) Her sister - Serene and their friends were so sweet and thoughtful, that they bought Sharron "equipments" that she and Alan need for their wedding night dy. HAHAHA. Funneh. =D

I realized that both Bachelorette Parties that I've attended, Lala is also present. LOL.
[They said I look so "hang fok" here hugging Lala's arm. HAHAHA. And as for Sharron, I have no idea what she's doing. :D]

[missy & missy]

[The one thing I'm best at: Making silly faces.
Me & the Queen of the night.]

Attended Alan and Sharron's wedding together with the boys. No pictures except for this one. :)
Congratulations Alan and Sharron!! :) I wish you two all the happiness, and remember to love each other with the love of God, 'cause His love never fails.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flashback (Part 2)

Spent New Year's Eve in church, counting down to 2013. :)
I was asked to help out in the translation of testimonies from English to Hokkien. And no, my Hokkien is far from good. Not even close to average. And as I was doing it, it reminded me of how good and faithful God has been, is and will always be. I couldn't be more blessed to be in the house of the Lord on the very last day of 2012, together with people I've known my whole life. Literally my whole life. Both family and friends. :)
[Childhood besties]

And on New Year's day when everybody's enjoying sleeping in late, i woke up at 6:45am to go for a run and ride. Yes I am crazy that way. But sadly, there was a very bad pain in my right abdomen muscles (close to the waist). The pain was so bad I couldn't even run for 100 meters. :( Does anybody experience the same kind of pain? I don't know how it came about, and is so bad that when you sneeze, you just feel like passing out. Serious. So I ended up cycling which doesn't require me to move my abdomen muscles too much.

Year 2012 has been a really, really tough year. A year of change, a year of breaking, a year of moulding, a year of realization, a year of finding closure for certain things. And to be honest, it scares me just by thinking about 2013. That, I'll share more in another post. But I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has encouraged me, loved me, hurt me, break me, pissed me off, prayed for me, especially to the one who has always think that I'm an All-star (you know who you are)... Thank you. :) And to the Big Guy up there who has always been sheltering me with His loving hands, thank you. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for You. Time to let 2012 go, and move on to a new year. It's scary, but I know it's gonna be okay. 
It will be. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Flashback (Part 1)

Finallyyyyyyyy. I could finally sit in front of my computer and try to update this blog. Hehe.
Firstly, I have to apologize because the things that you're gonna read later are way overdue. But I thought they're worth sharing, so let's go all the way back to Christmas........

Christmas was pretty special this year for many reasons:

#1. It was the 3rd, and also the final "Christmas with the Community Event" by my church, Tabernacle of Priase, for now. :) Who knows we might do it again in the future? :)
I get to relax a little bit more this year as I have another 5 emcees running the whole event together with me. So I get to run around and go kaypo at what others are doing. Tsk. :P
[Eeleen & Nic]

[All smiles. :) ]

  [One of the lucky draw winners.]

[Cee Cee the clown. I hope I spelled her name correctly. LOL.]

[We also have NASAM over to talk about stroke prevention]

[TOP dance team :) ]

[Judges evalutating the children's coloring in the art competition]

I hope the 1600++ crowd were blessed through this event. I think the world has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas has become a reason for people to party, get drunk, exchange gifts (nothing wrong with this but it's not the core of Christmas), celebrate the existence of Santa Claus etc. But I hope through this event, they will be able to see the true meaning of Christmas - God's love. :)


#2. It was my first time winning something from those "What-are-the-odds-of-me-being-chosen" kind of competition. HAHA.
To know more about the competition, click here. And as for what I got........................................................
[Ralph Lauren perfume!!!]
However, I was given the men's cologne (don't ask me why, maybe they took my wish a little too serious, and thought that I'm so smelly that only men cologne is strong enough for me. Hahahahaha.)
Nevertheless, THANK YOU RALPH LAUREN!!! And THANK YOU 1st Avenue mall!!! :)


#3. Captain Awesome was in town. :)
He was sooooo busy being Captain A that he forgotten to get me a Christmas present. But then he did make it up by getting me a dress for work in the end la...:)
[His Christmas present: Naruto mini figurines set]


#4. Received Christmas presents that I really love! :)
This Lego Spiderman keychain is from Natasha. :)
[With great power, comes great responsibilities - Spiderman]

[Spiderman got caught on camera while in action!!]

[And this is from Daddy dearest. :) So pwettyyyyyyyyy.]

 [STITCH!!! :) This is from Yi Lin. A headphone jack plug. RAWRRRRRR!!!]
But sadly, my headphone jack is at the bottom, just like iPhone 5's. So I displayed it together with my other Stitch figurines. :) And yes..I bought myself a new phone months ago, as my Nokia E72's motherboard crashed. So nope. I'm no longer living in stone age. :P
[The thing that separated me from stone age: Samsung Galaxy S Advance]


#5. Last but not least, I get to spent quality time with my family this Christmas. Christmas has always been very busy for us and we never had the chance to "escape" the responsibilities given to us every Christmas. :P The same goes for this year. However, we took our chances and drove down to KL during the Christmas weekend.  :)

[Yours truly & her aunt]

[I successfully psycho my aunt to get this watch for herself from Swatch. Hehe. The power of a sales girl. ;) ]

[Christmas deco in KL. Penang malls should be ashamed of themselves. :P]

[Passed by Candylicious but didn't have a chance to enter as we were in a rush. :( ]

[If anyone can guess what this is, I'll give you........a piece of this thing. HAHAHA.
Clue: It's edible. Hehe.]

[IKEA CHICKEN WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! It's finger, palm, lips licking good.]

[XiuQi & The annoying yet lovable one who's born 3 years after me]

 [Would you like a cup of tea..?]
[And this is mommy trying to be funny by posing and trying out all the furniture in IKEA. I'm very sure she was blacklisted after that.]

[This is me, feeling really bored and sleepy.]
Wah. This is a very cheong hei post. Write until I also wanna fall asleep liao. That's it for now. Goodnight peeps! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'll Be Back

I've so much to tell you peeps but I'm just too busy lately...
So stay tune for my updates...
I'll be back. =)