Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tun Haji Abdul Razak (TAR) Cup 2016

So. It was a week ago when Malaysia Floorball Association organized it's first ever Tun Haji Abdul Razak Cup, with the help of iM4U, in conjunction with Hari Sukan Negara. (I love Malaysia! Yay!)

And I have to say, it was a well organized event! It was so smooth, like baby bum bums! (Unless they poo poo in their diapers then sorry la.) There were no delays in game; In fact, games were being push forward and everything ended earlier than we thought for both days!
Amazing job, Gary and his team!

It's actually a Floorball tourney for the top ranked clubs from Malaysia's domestic state leagues. However, because Sabah was unable to send any clubs, I loaned myself and some of the Sabah girls out to other clubs participating in the tournament. And I have to say, it was a good decision. :)

At first, I was really contemplating not to play at all. But then again, I felt that it was a good exposure for the Sabah ladies. And it was also a good opportunity for me and Babygirl to play together (which is now very rare after I moved 1742km away from her). But we decided to do it at the end, together. :)

We were lousy players so no one wanted us. :P We asked around pretty late so many teams were full in their loan slots. But fortunately, Pei Yi kindly took us in to Team University Malaya, and told us that she won't be playing and she didn't even have enough players to fill up the minimum requirement.

But... To cut the long story short, who would have expected, we turned out to be Champions. Hah!
And I guess they were right, things are always sweeter when it's unexpected. :)
I remember praying while sitting at my bench, "If it's your will, let me score a goal and make You proud."
So guess who scored the only winning goal? :) Thank you, Jesus. This goal is for You.

[Champions for the Women's Category: Team UM]

[It's been a long while since I last held any cup besides the cup I use to drink water in]

And it was really good to see the Bikini Bottom girls again and play against them. :) As usual, Ling broke another stick and Winnie acting all gangsta on court. :P It was also nice to meet the others. Got a bear hug from Beverly (she always almost break my backbone. But this time she gave me another boo boo on the same right elbow HAHA); Naomi being the kid that she is, and then there was Calvin, Coach Ed and Coach Filip, Sis, Kak Ros, Lai Leng, even Kak Sheda was back in scene! :) The Sabah ladies did their state proud too. Maxine scored a few nice goals for Tyttobandy, and the Marcus' sisters made a huge impact in the team they played for. Good job, girls!

[Missing you, Shan Ling]

[2 Stooges and a girl. The other one stuck in Singapore]

Last but not least, thank you Babygirl. :) For doing this with me. You did amazing. Got flying Superman safe sumore! Haha! Pew pew pew.
Another medal on the wall which we conquered together ey?
See you soon, love. :)


Saturday, June 11, 2016

I used to find it very safe to express myself in my blog and my social media accounts. But recently, it seems like no matter how well my intentions are, there will still be people who would use it against me. Or misunderstand me. Sigh.
Please know that I am just human. I get angry. I get hurt. And sometimes I really do just want to rant in my blog. Please understand that I mean no harm to anyone.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Does my new blog interface give you the X Files/Matrix/Superman-flying-towards-earth kind of feeling? Ehehehehe.
Got bored of the old design, looks a little bit too kiddy. I'm after all, NINEtwentynineTEEN this year. :P

Also deleted some people I used to follow, mostly because they don't update their blogs anymore. But it also made me realize that as time goes by, if you don't put in the effort to keep in touch, even the closest kind of friendship fades away. Things change.

They were right. If there is one thing that is constant, that is change. And very often, change is the one things many of us don't comprehend and deal with very well. :(

Oh well.. Let's hope I find more time to blog starting from now onwards. :)