Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quiet Times

I'm home alone tonight. Something I really needed.
Away from the voices, noises. It's just me and the four walls.
Something I learn to appreciate more now.

It's sad to know that certain dreams will never come true.
But hope allows new dreams to be made. =)
"Shattered dreams are a prelude to joy. Always."
I choose to believe.
And I choose to say:
"Dare to trust an unknown future in a known God."

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mid year madness

Can't believe half a year has passed by so quickly and we're already in the 2nd half of 2013.
Am I the only one who feels that time seems to pass quicker as age increases..? =(
June, July - They've been crazy months. Busy busy busy. Mostly due to work and floorball la. With Penang Floorball League going on, and never ending work... Arghhh. Being a grown up sucks. Haha. =P

So, here's some updates about me to bore you people. Hehe. Let's start off with..... Floorball?! =)

ITE Singapore came down to Penang and requested to play against us for 3 consecutive evenings, so we obliged and gave them some sweet and sour memories. It was a mix team game, and to be honest, I didn't really pay much attention to the guys. Was busy watching and taking care of ma chicks. ;)

I think Penang girls played really well against the ITE girls, to the extend we didn't bother about the scores. It was about playing a good, tactical, tight game. There are still much space for improvement, but I am really proud and glad to see how they've grown and improved within this year, especially those who have been attending SDT regularly like Ling Ling, Yen Yen, Naomi...And also the old birds like Nat, Lala, Pei Yi and Winnie. =) Proud of you girls. Really.
And about the sour memory part..... it was when our girls injured one of ITE's on the very first day of game. Her arm was bandaged, and had to sit out for the next 2 days. Poor thing. It was my first time seeing Penang girls injuring others. Haha. 'Cause usually we are the victims. =.="

[With one of the ITE boys, Ihsan. 
Who apparently is Travis's teammate. Haha. Small world.]

[Ling Ling & me]

[ITE girl. Sorry ah. I didn't get her name.]

[Everybody say cheeeeeeeesssseeeee!!!]

Penang Floorball League has finally come to an end last Saturday. It was a tough year for PFA because we had a lot issues with this year's league, mainly due to unavailability of court. Causing us to drag the league to the 2nd half of the year, which is no good 'cause alot of students are having their exams very soon. Sigh.

But I'm glad it's done and over with. =) And here's some picture of my adorable teammates: Spearhead and Contact girls. =)
[Eeleen's constipation face: Snap shot 1]
Just in case you're wondering, I am holding Nat's burger. She forced me to. =P

[Eeleen's constipation face: Snap shot 2]
My mom was right. I can never put on a proper face for pictures. =D

 [With the legendary goalkeeper - Sharron. Always an All Star in my heart]

[Spearhead: 1st Runner up for Women's Division]

 [Contact minions: 2nd Runner up for Division 2]
Penny, Sophia, Eeleen, Serene, Cathrina, Sheryn =)

And lastly, not forgetting my Geng Roti Tisu girls =)
[Cuteness Maximus!!]

It'll be a better year next year. =) Til then, it's time to deal with my dilemma.
Will tell you more once I get it sorted out.
P/s: All photos credited to Serene, Sheryn, Ling Ling. Thank you.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Til it's gone.

People always say: "You don't know what you've got til it's gone."
But the truth is, you knew exactly what you had, you just thought you'd never lose it.
And then it's your turn to stand in the dark, as you watch things slipped out of your hand.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Man of Steel: Superman

I was never a fan of Superman, though he was the very first superhero I knew back then when I was a kid. To me, he was just another superhero, like green lantern or wolverine. He was no where close to my heart, no where close to Spiderman. =) Maybe because he was every other kid's favorite superhero so I didn't want to be like the rest. Haha. Plus, Superman always has this weird curly hair on his forehead.. Totally minus marks. ;)

But after watching the recent Man of Steel and reading up a little about his background (I know, I make it sound like he's a real person), I realize how great a superhero he is, and yet so humble and so human. What amazes me most about him is his character. Do you know that Superman is so great and powerful, that trying to be normal was very hard for him? If you've watched the movie it would be easier for you to relate. Imagine the patience, tolerance and humility he possess. If I had such power and someone bullied me, I would have use my laser eye and carved the word "STUPID" on his forehead. *I'm glad I don't possess any super powers*. Hehe.

Some people said that his biggest weakness is his kindness. Do you know that Superman doesn't kill..? Well eventually he did BUT MY POINT IS... No matter how bad a villain you are, he gives you 2nd chances. How many of us, if we were to be superheroes, are able to do that..? To show such kindness, such grace and such forgiveness...? So I think being "soft" and kind isn't his weakness, I personally think it just makes him a better superhero than anyone.
Come to think of it, Superman reminds me so much about Jesus. I wonder if the creators of Superman were christians. Haha.
Man of Steel:
Ratings: 4.5 /5
A must watch. Not just for the action scenes or Henry Cavill's hairy, muscular chest; but to search for the superhero in you.
Sometimes, a little mixture of patience, tolerance, humility and kindness goes a long way. =)