Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time for Some Blog Dusting

HACHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Sniffles*

Heh. Blog's been very dusty. Haven't been doing any writing since.....*let me check*...
MARCH! And thus the dust. HACHOOOOOOO!!!!!
I've probably lost most of my readers now but it's okay. :) I should really start writing again. Need a place to rant and share my everyday.

But first thing's first. Let's check on my New Year's Resolution. Since it's already June. A week to go and here comes July. Times really flies. A bit too fast don't you think?? :(

1. Smile more - Check!
2. Earn more money instead of only thinking how to save more - Check!
3. Bug Shawn less when's he's busy - Check!
4. Score 77 floorball goals - Probably another 35 to go!
5. Reduce body fat percentage down to 18-20% - Oooopsssss! Hehe.
6. Eat more fruits and vegetables - Ooooopsssss!
7. Fly to KK at least 3 times this year - sponsored by Captain Awesome. Hehe. - 2 more times to go!
8. Bring at least one new friend to church - Check!
9. Learn bass - I'm gonna be a cool bassist! Yeah! - Check!
10. Forgive easily - Check!
11. Don't judge anyone by first impression - Half Check!
12. Give others chances but don't simply trust anyone - Check!
13. Locate more time for family and friends - Fail. Thanks to work. Sigh.
14. Run at least one marathon
15. Don't snap so easily when I'm angry - Still working on it.
16. Get myself a new IT gadget. I find myself living in stone age sometimes. - Check!
17. Be hardworking in using facial products - Check!
18. Not to give up easily, even when things are really going downhill - Check!
19. Don't push people away when they're trying to care for me - ??
20. Be beautiful both inward and outwardly - ??
21. Visit somewhere with Captain Awesome
22. Read more
23. Buy a new car - CHECK!! CHECK!! CHECK!! Haha!
24. Get my hands dirty in the kitchen more often :)
25. Treat myself with respect - Check!
26. Be courageous, patient and passionate - Check!
27. Listen to my heart - ??
28. If someone doesn't have time for me, be patient and wait for the person; and if the person still don't bother, I'm just gonna walk away. I won't force myself to have space in his/her life, because if they know my worth, they'll create space for me. - Check!
29. Be crazy once in a while - Check!
30. Love God and always remember that He is faithful. - Check!

Not bad leh..16.5 Check!s over 30 in half a year's time. ;) Those highlighted in yellow should really be cleared one by one soon before the year ends.
*Fingers cross*