Monday, April 29, 2013


I hate being a grown up.
There's no space for imagination. There's no space for silliness.
You get questioned for your motive when all you have to offer is genuine kindness.
There's no such thing as being yourself.
And there is definitely no space for mistakes.

Why is adulthood so complicated...?
My simple, naive, little mind and soul have problem coping with all these.

P/s: Sometimes I wonder why I put in so much effort to communicate with people who doesn't even bother to talk to me. =(

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Humble Beginnings

No one is born great. We all start somewhere.
No matter how well you do today, no matter how successful you are, never ever forget your humble beginnings. 
I almost forgotten mine. And God had to remind me to remember it, the hard way. And mannnn, it hurts. But I know it was because He loves me. If God stops dealing with you and your mess, something is really wrong and you should be worried.
Sometimes we get so caught up with our own success that we forgotten that there is a thing called Blessing. We thought that we are the ones who work our way up; we thought success comes from our own effort; we look at our hands and tell ourselves, it is us who did it on our own.
That is the moment when pride takes over, and we lose our humility. And when you think so highly of yourself, do you really think there will be any room left for you to remember where it all began?

Don't repeat the same mistake I made a year ago. Remember your humble beginnings, and it will lead you somewhere extraordinary.
No one is born great. We are all start somewhere. Remember. =)


*Wrote this when I'm really sleepy. Sorry if it doesn't make any sense. Haha.Goodnight peeps. Zzzzzz...*