Saturday, March 26, 2011

Go Nomad!

It's Tourney 3.3 once again tomorrow.
Go Nomad Houseflies!!
Go Nomad Genesis!!
Go Nomad Butterflies!! 
Nomad Gemilang, Nomad Gemilang!!!

March Madness

Dear March,
You're one of my favorite months every year not just because I was born on this month (actually it is. haha), but you never fail to make it more and more exciting for me every year. Especially this year. =)

It has been a crazeee and exciting month for me. Decisions, competitions, work loads, falling sick, horrible toothache, commitments, celebrations, loads of fun..Ahhh. And it's still not ending! Another 5 more days to go! =)

I was supposed to blog about my birthday celebration but but but..too busy ma. =) But I should at least take this opportunity to thank my awesome possum bunch of friends for making this an unforgetful birthday. =)
[Hueyyi, Zhini, Yifui, Juling and Kelyn surprised me at pass midnight with a "special" homemade chocolate cake. =) I shall not explain why it's special here. Haha.]

And Zhini compiled an birthday autograph book for me which consist of notes and birthday wishes from my coursemates. So sweet right?;)
[& pardon my sleepy look. It was already very late when they barged in. =)]
Then another group of friends gave me a surprise after lab work. Hehe. Thank you peeps. =)
I was actually very tired due to falling sick and having a very bad wisdom tooth ache..=( So my friends really did cheer me up a whole lot. =)
We went for dinner later in the evening in Sailor's restaurant. Love the atmosphere. The food was awesome. And the cheese tart ZiBin bought for me as a cake was S.U.P.E.R.Y.U.M.M.Y. =)
[Happy birthday Eeleen!]
[The girls. =)]
 [The limited edition boys in my course. =)]
Feeding people in many cultures, is a sign of appreciation. So that was what I did. I fed every single one of them. But could only post up some of the pictures here ya. =)
 [Super shy Kaang Cheing. Haha.]
 [& my ever annoying roomie. X)]
Thanks you people!! I really, really appreciate what you did for me..=)
*BIG hugs*
& CK got me a mini cooper model as a birthday present with my number 39 and my name signed on top of the car. Imagine if the car was real!! Woooootsss!!! =) 
[Thank you CK.....]
 [Mr. Big Lips (from Lavinia) with Mini! =)]
 [& this card came all the way from Penang!!! Thank you karyee. =) It's a Birthday Wonderland!]
There's still another pending birthday present from my coach. Will blog about it when it finally arrives. Heheheeee. =)

Let me see...what else happened this month...*Thinking thinking*
OH!!!!!!!!!!! I finally went to the dentist!!! =) ALMOST fainted in the hospital. HAHA. No la..just exaggerating. =)
The nurse told me I had to take the tooth out just because the pain keeps reoccuring. Listen carefully ya. It's the nurse who told me. Not the dentist. So they scheduled a minor operation surgery for me on the 4th of April. And I AM SO NOT CONVINCED WHY I SHOULD GO FOR IT. X[ Hmmmp!!

And I ordered my Salming Cypher-Z blade already. Wanna try something new while saving for a new stick. =) Can't wait for it to arrive!

Last but not least, I am signing up for my first marathon of 2011 very soon. The Borneo International Marathon!!! =) I'm doing a half marathon, which is 21km. Phew! Wonder if I could make it. =)
I'm not joining it to compete since it's my first time. But I want to finish it within the time limit and feel a sense of accomplishment, and receive the finisher's medal. I'm putting my faith in the Lord to finish this race. =)