Friday, August 24, 2012

Should She Stay Or Should She Go

I was driving to work this morning, and as usual I switched on the radio to listen to Mix FM. And they always have this program known as "Should I Stay Or Should I Go". Basically, if you have a dilemma about whether you should stay or move on in a situation, you can just call up and talk to JD and Dilly and they'll try to get you advices from the audiences.

So today, this lady called up and mentioned her situation, that she's been separated from her husband for a year. And within that year, she met this new guy. At first it was just a fling, and after that, it got serious. And when she thought it's time to move on, the husband came back and said he wants to work things out. So now she's kinda stuck in between, deciding whether to try to work things out with the husband or just move on with the new guy.

What surprises me was this, out of 10 audiences who called to give their point of view, 10 asked her to move on. I mean, logically, yes, you should move on if you're not happy in a relationship...but my question is this: 
Does anyone still respect and understand the meaning of marriage? What happened to marriage covenants? What happened to "Til death do us part"?

I guess many of us would try to tell ourselves that we all have the rights to be happy.. and I don't deny the truth about it. Who doesn't want to be happy right? But marriage is not a game. It's not something you give up easily just because you're unhappy about it.  
Ask any married couple, are their relationship always smooth sailing? Is it always easy? I'm sure each and every one of them would give you a 100% "No" for an answer.

To the lady who called in this morning, if you're reading this, my advice may be slightly different from the rest of the audience. To be honest, if you were not married, I would say, MOVE ON!! But in your case, try to work things out. You married him for a reason, find back that reason and give yourself another chance to fall in love again. Good things don't come easily, it may be hard, but it'll be worth it someday. I'm not saying that it'll work out for sure, but at least you try. And you'll never regret when you've tried your best.
All the best. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Golden Girl

The first time I noticed her was when I saw her super huge poster on 1Borneo's Adidas outlet. And I was like, who's that hot chick?? Then not long after that, I saw her Adidas micoach ad on Youtube, and she was no stranger to me after that.

Jessica Ennis:
2012 Olympic Heptathlon Champion and also 2010 World Indoor Championship Gold Medalist in Pentathlon

Some people are crazily good at one thing. It's like they were born to do that one thing. Take Usain Bolt for instance, his name is bolt for a reason..HAVE YOU SEEN HIS 100 METER SPRINT?!?!?!
Then let's look at Serena Williams; that super muscular arms that gives super powerful serves...Poooooommmmm!!!

But to be good at 5 to 7 different events?? I call that AWESOMENESS. And a little bit insane. Hehe.
I think Jessica definitely deserves the golden medal in the 2012 London Olympics. Imagine the stress and pressure she had to bear on her shoulder with a whole stadium of crowd expecting her to win gold for the country. It takes alot of courage.

So there you go! Jessica Ennis, with that well toned, sexy body and a really, really adorable smile. :) Makes me want to smile too.

Ma new role model. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Broken Chain

I'll never be the same after this.
You can fix a broken chain, but you can never fix what happened when the chain broke.
That consequences of a broken chain......
A cyclist might trip and fall because his bicycle chain broke;
A crane might drop its heavy load because the chain broke;
A dog might get lost and run away because its chain broke off.

You can get a new chain for all the above, but you just can't undo what follows.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Busy Busy = Sick

Suddenly feel like 24 hours is just not enough. But I'm very sure even if God gives me 36 hours a day I'd still be complaining that it ain't enough. HAHA. :) So I guess it still boils down to proper time management.

Haven't been feeling well for the past few days. Thanks to the horrible hazy weather, caused by the peat forest burning in Sumatra. Sigh. It hits Malaysia every year without failure. Why can't they think of a better way to clear their forest instead of burning it?!?! I know it's cheap and easy to burn, but they gotta think for those who suffer from asthma or those who have weak respiratory system maaaaaa...pffft. :(
But anyhow, I'm getting better dy. Can take on a tiger dy. :P Hehe.

I've officially signed up for Penang Bridge Internation Marathon. Half marathon. *Dreads*
I LOVEEEEEE running. But to be honest, when it comes to a distance of just spells...
Haha. Well, what's done is done. Hope my legs won't cramped half way like it did last year. And maybe, if my body allows it, I'll try 42km next year. ;)

As for now, I've gotta concentrate on my floorball. At least until after Merdeka cup. 
Then after that, I'm gonna save this beauty from the GIANT Bike store and hit the road with it and run away together to some paradise...

...and then ride home safely each time. I hope. :)
Gonna go for a run now. Adios peeps!