Monday, May 25, 2009

Ipoh, here I come!!!

It's my first time driving down to a place further than Bukit Merah on my own and I'm so excited!!! =)
I know it's pretty lame to some of you but it's my first time ma. Let me beria-ria a bit la. HAHAHA!!! XP
This is the map i drew. Don't mention. I'm one good map drawer right?!?! I know. X)

Lame. ><"


I never knew that people will actually remember it when you do even the smallest things for them. But yea, they do. =)
When I was in form6 math tuition class, I used to bring food like honey stars, koko crunch, smarties and other junks to class to share with my friends. And I can't believe they actually remember!! =) or at least one remembers la...
See. This is the living proof. hehe. XP I brought a box of honey stars for Farah with a small note attached to it. And she kept it. Awwwww. =)

Judy was the one who wrote "hantu" by the way. haha! >< i miss those schooling and tuition days. =(

Anyway, i bought a new compilation album last Thursday featuring those older-but-beautiful love songs! =)

The songs inside are way awesome. Finally got my hands on songs like Don't Know Much and Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You. =))))))))))))))))))) Love it love it love it!!!
Thank you daddy. =) He was the one who bought it for me actually.

That's for you dad. =)

And I cooked last saturday. Hmmm...not really cooked la. I should say, I prepared lunch. =)

Not bad huh?!?!? =) except for the chicken. A little bit OVER-ROASTED. muahahaha. XP
Went to Youth in the afternoon. So happy to see all my childhood buddies - Theresa, Mel, Cuilin etc. And my baby godsis. =) She korek my bag, found my camera and started her full-time job - camwhoring. XP Good to see you babe.


Met up with schoolmates later at night. It was Kar Yee's birthday that day so I stayed out later than I usually do. Just for you girl. Proud not?!?! Hahahaha. =) You should be. X)

Happy birthday girl. =)
Till then. =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Updates: I'm back in Penang!!! =)

Sorreeeee people. I know it's been a week since I last blogged. Was pretty caught up with many things. So here are some updates for the previous week.
Well, 1st thing's 1st: I'm back in Penang!!! XDDD
It always feels good to be home. =)

# Saturday (09.05.2009)
Reached Penang. Sent Jenn off at the bus terminal.
Gonna miss you for two months...=(

This is Jenn - trying to be cute. XP

# Sunday
Celebrated Mommy's Day!!! Got mommy a plush-toy rose (can keep longer ma) and a card signed by daddy and weijin too. ;)
Happy Mother's Day mommy...=)

daddy and mommy =)

Thank you mommy, for everything.
I love you. =)
# Monday
Went and renew my passport and my photo looked like @#*t!!! I looked like i just came from some village in China or something. Arghhhhh!!! Thanks to the smart photographer. ><" Not gonna post that pic up 'cause it's super ugly.

# Tuesday

Went for state floorball training. Coach Ed asked us to do "circuit" that day. Ran like mad. Nearly died. Thank God I escaped the "killers" at the end cause I need to leave early. Hehe. XP

# Wednesday
Friendly match between Innebandy and Frontliners. We won!!! =) 8-3. I contributed a wacking the ball to the front of our own goal and gave everyone a heart attack! Stupiak me. HAHAHA! Hehe. Accident ok?! I caused myself the heart attack too k? XP
And I realized I run like tortoise. So slow... sigh. Need to do more running and jogging dee. Btw, this's my new jersey.
Nice leh...=)

# Thursday

Went out with ping - the hello kitty girl. Talked and laughed so much that we need to spend rm40 per person on food to recharge our energy. ;P We went Sakae for lunch and then Swensen's for ice-cream. Yummy!!! Ping fell in love with the flavours I chose.
*Proud* *Proud* =)
Gonna miss her when she goes back to KL...T.T
Ping gave me this for last year's christmas. Just got it this day 'cause I went back to Sabah dee before she came back.

It's a nail clipper. XP

ping & me. we were holding charco and cupido. so cute right?!? =)

# Friday
Laze around and watch alot of tv. Packed stuff for Hatyai trip for the next day. =)

# Saturday and Sunday
Went down to Hatyai with mom, aunt, uncle and mommy's friends. Went shopping until we were totally broke.:P Went for massages too. It was my first time and I could't stop giggling & laughing. =D Ticklish ok?! Even the masseur was laughing at me. So embarrasing!! T.T
But oh well, I had fun. So did mommy. That's the most important thing.
You should see how her face shines when she saw all those beautiful yet not expensive shoes. =)
And most of the thai girls are seriously pretty. Even the ones selling clothes at the market. So the lesson here is: Never leave your husbands all alone in Thai. Dangerous. XP

mommy, uncle and aunt at the massage parlour.

stuff i bought. nothing much actually =)

yummy breakfast. unhealthy right? but don't care laaaa...XP

# Monday (18.05.2009)
Went to fitness first for physical training. Supposed to run 4.2 km in 30 minutes but for a tortoise like me, of course I didn't make it. But it was not too bad. I think i got 3.6km in 25 minutes. Couldn't remember clearly cause the treadmill stopped suddenly after 25 minutes then i panic-ed and forgotten to look at the meter. *Smacks head* After the run and some other cardio exercise, my body felt like it didn't know how to organize itself while I walk! HAHAHA!!! =DDD And i told the trainer i wanna loose 7 kg in 2 months - IMPOSSIBLE. =P

After that we went to chilli's and celebrate my brother's birthday. =) his gf came along too.
Happy birthday lil' brother!! =)

mommy & weijin. He looks super "chan" though...
Wait..wait..i get another picture of him to show you...
nahhhh! i curi from his personal folders wan. XP


Then we walk around in Gurney cause we were too full to sit in the car. Got these switch stickers. Quite cute le. =) So our switches won't look so dull.

switch stickers
Alright. That's it for now!! =) Gotta get lunch d. HUNGRYYYYY. =) tata!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


It's over!!! My finals are over!!! =) muahahahahaha!!! I'm soooooooooooo happy right now...but the sad thing is that I cannot show it. 'Cause Jenn has another paper tomorrow and she needs to concentrate. So I gotta keep the happiness to myself.
After 5 seconds
Cannot! I cannot keep it to myself anymore! Sorry Jenn. I'll do it quietly and secretly ok...? XP
Pheww! That feels better. =)
And the best part is...hols are starting and I'M GOING HOME!!! =)
Though I may not be very free during the hols but at least I'll have 2 months away from all those reports, assignments and lectures =

statue of not-so-liberty. XP

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The kittens in my backyard =)

After Jenn and i came back from a rather satisfying lunch to release all the stress built up while sitting for our Accounts paper earlier in the morning, we decided to check out the kittens which have been hiding in our backyard for almost 2 months. There were 6 of them but 2 were exceptionally shy so we couldn't get a real good view of them.
Here are some of the pics. =)

The one closest to me is the paling naughty and curious one. =)

I used my long-tailed fishy keychain to lure her out. She was really cute and daring. Very playful too. Hahaha. She kept trying to wack the fishy with her paw.

"oooh... what's this? interesting..."


"hmmm...this is a new one..."

Hahaha!!! They are cute right?=) By the way, their mom's name is Mrs. Meow. Hahaha!! Hehe. Actually it's just a lame name Jenn and i gave her. ;P
1 more paper to go - Food Microbiology!!! And i'm free!!! Or at least stress-free. ;P
Can't wait!!! =)