Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pet Peeves

I'm not the kind of person who gets annoyed over simple things. For example, some would curse their way through a traffic jam; but for me, I would just take the time to look at things around me that I usually don't have the time for; or stare at the neighbouring driver and try to guess which radio station is he/she listening to if he/she was singing along with the song played. 

BUT..there are certain people or things that just simple press on my hot button. And trust me, you won't like me when I am angry. Grrrr.

1. People who sit behind me in a cinema and can't keep their legs still.
I hate it when people kick my chair while I'm watching a movie. Or when they shake their legs, turning my chair into a vibrating massage chair. Pffft.
Annoyed level: 7/10

2. Waiters (especially those taking orders) who don't smile.
You may have a bad day, but that doesn't give you the permission to be rude to your customers. A smile doesn't costs you anything, probably just some energy needed to curve up that lips and show your teeth. I've been a waitress many many times, trust me, a smile goes a long way. And it could even earn you big tips. So come on, don't be stingy with that smile. =)
Annoyed level: 8/10

3. The word "Whatever".
I will slap the person.
Annoyed level: 9/10

4. Drivers/motorcyclists who almost caused you an accident, but they stare at you as if it's your fault.
!@#$%^&!!! I may drive a small car but I know my undang-undang okay..
Annoyed level: 9/10

5. People who curse like nobody's business and think it's cool.
You are given a mouth for a reason. And I'm sure it's not for that purpose. So hold your tongue. Whatever you say on earth, is sealed in heaven. Be wise.
Annoyed level: 7/10

6. Yawning loudly and not closing the mouth.
Especially if one is in a meeting/church service/conference.
Imagine yourself talking on the stage and someone yawns loudly with the mouth wide open, right in your face. I think it's really disrespectful. So please people.....
Annoyed level: 7/10

7. Someone who says "No laaa" to everything I say and gives their point of view ALL THE TIME.
I may not be right everytime, but I can't be that wrong all the time. Maybe you can try to consider that there's a possibility that things I say makes sense too...? =(
Annoyed level: 8/10

8. Men who ogle or whistle at women walking down the street. Or when they go: "Ah moi...."
I get that very often when I work. And I really x1000000000000000000000000000 hate it. Sigh. Leave us ladies alone. Ughhhhh.
Annoyed level: 10/10

9. Screaming kids in public.
If it's a baby, I understand. They can't help it. But if the kid is 5 and above, and still yelling like they own the world............. They'll get it if he/she was my kid.
Annoyed level: 8/10

10. Finding peas-carrot-corn in my fried rice.
Those of you who know me well enough should know that I hate bean sprouts in my noodles. But what's worse than that is finding the "3 musketeers" in my fried rice. Or them being a side dish in western food.
When that happens, you'd see me picking out my peas-carrot-corn. Hehe.
Annoyed level: 6/10

So, what annoys you? =) My piece of advice: Just be patient and endure with it. If you die-die also have to point it out to the person that you're annoyed by his/her actions, be gentle when you do it. ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SCKL Marathon 2013

After weeks of procrastinating, I finally signed up for the 2013 Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Just thinking about it makes my legs tired. *Dreads* 
To be honest, I'm not really a marathon person. I don't like running long distance. But I guess one of the reasons I do it is because my heart can take it. =) And when I'm lazy to train, thinking about the upcoming marathon that I signed up for helps me get my lazy butt out of the couch. Heh. 

One of the cool things that SCKL Marathon has is that they allow you to put your name on your running bib. Tsk tsk tsk. 2 years ago, without 2nd thoughts, I would have just put Supergirl. But now, I guess I should just put SuperHippo or SuperSlowpoke. =.=" Haha. But nope. That wasn't what I entered in the bib name column. I wrote this instead:

So when people cheer me on when I run, they'll be shouting: "GO SEXY!!!!" And it's gonna make me feel good, though I know with all the sweat and the tiredness on my face, probably makes me look like crap...but oh well... =P
And plus, I find it quite funny. Hehe.

My mom teased me, saying I should camp overnight at KL Dataran so I won't be late for the marathon, 'cause she knows I'll definitely get lost finding my way in KL. >=/ Meannie.
Gotta start training!!! =) And also remind C. Awesome not to run his full marathon with a singlet. "Suicidal". Haha.

My reason: 'Cause I have a lot of body fats to shed. :P Oh come on, you don't need a reason to run. Run because you can. =) I'll see you people there!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drenched - 曲婉婷 Wanting Qu

Happy Valentine's, everyone. =)
Sometimes it's okay to listen to your heart. I know it's risky. But take that leap of faith.  
- New Year's Eve (2011)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Should I..?

It's 除夕 today!! It's the day before Chinese New Year where families would usually have their Reunion dinner. =) So,
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR in advance to you people out there!! And have an awesome reunion dinner. =)

Anyway, my post today has nothing to do with Chinese New Year, maybe except the ang pow 'cause it will help me decide how to reward myself. Hehehe. 
I really worked my a** off last year, especially in December to hit my target. Yea it was tough, and I even have people telling me that it's impossible for me to achieve my target because I was an extra headcount in my area. Don't understand? Let me explain.

There are 10 chickens in a barn. And the owner prepares 10 portion of chicken feed for these chicks. Then there came another chicken, but the owner only has enough to prepare for 10 chickens. Go figure on what happens next. Haha. This is just a very surface explanation of the whole story la okay?

But by God's grace, I was able to pull through last year, and I can proudly say, I did fairly well. =) Not because I'm capable, but because I did my best, and the Big Fella up there did the rest. 
So I've decided to get myself something to encourage myself to do better this year, but I have so many things I want/need I don't know which to choose. Maybe you peeps could help me decide? =)

1. Oalkey Fast Jacket (Polarized lens)
The first Oakley that I set my eyes on was actually the Jawbone, but when I tried on it, it wasn't comfortable. I think my nose wasn't high enough for the nose piece (Haha. Chinese ma..what chu expect. Pfffft.), so the frame was actually sitting on my cheek instead. The Fast Jacket fitted better, and it's white and red, with orange lenses... Awesome laaa.. Hehe.

2. Lumix GF5
I've wanted the earlier model - GF3 since 3 years ago, but was really, really hesitant 'cause the price was RM2k++. Then when I finally started working and had some to spend, I spent it on my bike, Dreamer. =.=" I'm not really good at photography, but I love taking down memories in pictures. 'Cause if there's something I learn in my 25 years of life, is that once a moment has passed, it has passed. That adorable smile or laughter from a baby; the first time you watch a sunset together with your loved one, they won't come back when it's gone.

3. Get a new set of rim and tyres. And add two lines on my car. ;) Make it look slightly more badass.

4. Keep the money and save up for something better.
If only I had a tree that grows money on it. Hehehehehe. =)


Friday, February 1, 2013


...Just because I cannot think of a title good enough to describe how I'm feeling right now. I'm currently at LCCT airport, waiting for my 8:50pm flight to arrive. I came down to KL for training yesterday, and started feeling physically horrible since last night. And right now, I can feel my face and head burning due to fever, my head hurts, my body hurts, my joints hurt, my eyes hurt because there's a growth somewhere around my right eye that causes me to be unable to close my eyes too tightly. Plus, I just cried myself silly in the middle of the LCCT crowd, drawing pretty much attention, when Zoel called to ask me how am I feeling. I've been pretending that I'm alright in the office the whole day, or to be frank, the past few days, and I guess it's time for me to break down when someone finally, sincerely ask me "How do you feel..?"........

I just wanna go home. Please.