Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Sigh. This is the 2nd time I've lost my battle to a cold in a month. I just recovered from bronchitis 2 weeks ago, and now here I am, coughing and  aching all over the body. :( Why oh why...

But I only have myself to blame for cycling under the rain last Saturday. Sigh. Didn't expect it to rain, it just poured suddenly, and I had no where to stop and hide. However, I never regretted my ride that day. Firstly, because I get to ride with my ever-so-adorable aunt; and 2ndly, I get to see so many road bikes on the road, as it was the Penang Pesta Cycling Open Championship!! :D I almost hit a divider 'cause I was busy staring at other people's bike. Hehe. And one of the cyclist thought I was one of the contestants and asked me where to get the jersey!! Hahaha!! I must have had the cyclist pro look! :P
[Sexy. All 3 of them. :P]

[Cyclists getting ready for the race]

[Cute g hotel logo :) ]
Went for lunch with parents in the afternoon after the morning ride, and I was immediately down with fever. My fever must have fried my brain 'cause I bought this pretty pricey little t-rex plush toy which I initially thought was a cute crocodile. =.="
[Meet Rexy the green dinosaur]
Please get well soon... Christmas is just around the corner... Don't let the coughing spoil this wonderful season...*Fingers cross*

Saturday, December 8, 2012

You're Only 18 and 2* Once

I am again and again reminded by this little girl, who never fails to make me laugh, that I only live once. :)
Yesterday, Natasha and I were at 1st Avenue Mall. After a movie, as we were about to go home, we came across this super tall pink Christmas tree in the middle of the mall. Apparently, 1st Avenue was having this contest where any purchase of RM10 and above in a single receipt from any shops in 1st Avenue, you're entitled to participate in this competition, which you write your wish on this pink candy cane, and the 20 most creative wishes stand a chance to win a Ralph Lauren perfume. :)
[Pink candy cane]
I'm the kind who usually ignores such contest, 'cause.. What are the odds right?? My chances of winning are probably 1 in a million, so I usually don't waste my effort. But Nat being Nat, she was so excited about it so I just went along with it. :) 
 [My wish. HAHA!]
 [Nat :) ]
I convinced Nat to hang our candy cane at the highest peak, hoping that the organizer would see how sincere we are and we'd probably get chosen. LOL. When Nat climbed to the highest peak, the guard ran to us and shouted at us in hokkien: "Mai pek ah neh kuan!! Ka teng pa to lok lai tu cham!!" (It means "Don't climb so high, later you'd fall!") Haha. He shouted so loud that almost everyone in the mall were staring at us. 
Awesome dy la...famous dy la both of us. Probably got black listed for doing monkey business dy. Pffffft. :P
[That's how tall the Christmas tree is]
One candy cane wasn't enough for that day. So we went into another shop, spend another RM10 and had another candy cane. This time, it was Nat's turn to write her wish. Which I won't tell you what it is here, later she sue me for blogging about her wish without her consent :P Hehe.
That's it for now peeps! Will write soon. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Ride

Went cycling with the boys for the first time yesterday. I was really, really nervous and scared 'cause it was my first time cycling on Penang roads. And if you've been to Penang, you'd know how crazy our traffic is, and how insane our drivers are, and how narrow our roads were made.
We started off from Gurney plaza at 7am. Weather was great, not too hot. Perfect for cycling. :)

The boys were really nice for waiting for me along the way and not leaving me behind though I was really slow. Haha. Deswyn was worried that I'll be bored cycling without someone in front of me (as the rest of them were already way ahead), so he overtook me and let me follow him. (But I know he secretly wants me to check out his b**t. HAHA.) Which made me even more depressed 'cause he made me realize how slow I was. =.="
Jason and Deswyn didn't manage to finish the route 'cause poor lil' Jason's tyre puncture along the way. =/ So Des had to cycle back home to get his car and fetch him and the bike home.

Overall. it was a good ride for a newbie and first timer. The hike up to Teluk Bahang dam was manageable. *Prouds* Dreamer did well too. *Double prouds* :)
[Calvin & Benson]

[Yours truly & Dreamer]
Special thanks to Deswyn, Calvin, Jason and Benson for making this ride a memorable one. :)