Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little things that make me smile

Say Hello to Slushy!! =)
CK got me this from Singapore. So cute right?? Look at those eyes..melts your heart instantly just by looking at them. The exact same feeling when I saw Waddles. =)

This is Waddles. Ky's birthday present. =)
Waddles look abit frightened here though. HAHA!
Thank you CK. I really like it. =)))

And not forgetting to say thank you to my mom who sent me this cross-stitched Ultraman few weeks back. =) Maybe this is exactly what my mom thinks of me. Haha. Look at the sweat on Ultraman's forehead!
Can't wait to go home..counting the days. =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lend me your ears

[1] There's something I wanna say to you. Read it at [5].
[2] Still couldn't guess what I wanted to tell you? Just go to [9] to find out.
[3] Read [7] if you really, really wanna know what is it.
[4] I know you're losing your patience but if I mean something to you, read [6].
[5] But first you gotta read number [11].
[6] Thanks for letting me know that I'm important in your life, try reading [10].
[7] Go to [12]. It's written there.
[8] I'm sorry but please be a little patient? You're almost there. It's at [3].
[9] It was supposed to be written here. Hmmm. Try [4] instead. I'm very sure it's there.
[10] I love you darling. That's what I wanted to tell you all these while.
[11] I know..I're so impatient to know what it is right? Haha. Read [8].
[12] This is not what I wanted to tell you, it's at [2].

This little light of mine

I'm gonna let it shine. =)

Christmas is just a month away and we've already started singing Christmas carol in church last Sunday! =) Ahhhh. How I love Christmas. But many times, how many of us really remember the true meaning of Christmas?

I remember performing this song when I was a little girl. A song taught by my late music teacher. I really regretted not visiting her when I was back in Penang for my internship and now that she's gone.. but I'll always remember this song:

Christmas is the time
Christmas is the time
Christmas is the time to love

Christmas is the time
Christmas is the time
Christmas is the time to love

We often start to worry, & people get upset
If things don't go all right on Christmas Day
But what we should remember
In all the push and shove
Christmas is the time to love

Maybe things don't sound right
Or look the way they should
And maybe they're not perfectly in tune
It really doesn't matter
Let's keep our eyes above
For Christmas is a time to love =)

If you were to give Jesus a gift this Christmas, what would it be?
I wonder. =)


Fukurou means owl in Japanese.
A little gift from KarYee. Handmade sumore. Aisheh. =)
Thank you girl. It's pretty. And it sits in my car now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kapal wap

At times when you don't know what to eat, the best place to hit is the steamboat place. 'Cause there's everything there! Chicken, beef, prawn, crab, fish, corn, all sorts of fishball, tofu etc. Especially the Eat all you can steamboat. Wooooohooooooo!! Talk about losing weight. Heheheeeee. =)

[Happy faces: Jenn and Bobo]

[Baja hitam! Haha. =)]

[This is me & Weijin's favorite kiddie ride tell you. Sonic the Hedgehog!
How I miss those days. =)]


1Borneo Food Court Steamboat
Eat all you can for only:
RM20 (Normal steamboat pot)
RM30 (with BBQ pot)
Prawns and crabs included.
Rating: 3.8/5

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sleep deprived tortoise

3 papers down. 1 more to go.
I am sleep deprived. Tired. And my brain's loaded with too much information.
Imagine if our brains were full of drawers and cabinets, mine would be stuffed with lots of papers with ugly handwriting on it. That's what my study notes look like. Heheee. =)
I'm okayyy. Just need some good sleep tonight.

Was texting with my dad last night. He asked me how is my revision going, and I said it was okay, except that I'm a wittle bit slow ('cause I have a slow brain ma..what to do. =P).
And he replied this:
That will do 'cause tortoise won the race. God is with you. Goodnight.
Haha. He was right. After all the tortoise did win the race. =)
And this sleep deprived tortoise who is writing this post will win the race too for God is with me. Like He always did and will be. =)
[Now we all know how the story really ended. Haha!]

Picture taken from
[Cheating rabbit. LOL.]

Picture taken from

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Peniel =)

Remember Matthew and Madalen's wedding that I attended last year end? =)
Guess what? Here's Matthew and Madalen's new baby boy!!
Baby Peniel. =) Sho sho sho sho sho sho cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!! =)

"Every good and perfect gift is from above."
James 1:17

Welcome on board Peniel. I shall see you playing floorball like your parents in a few years time. Hahahaha. =D
Ahhhh...babies. =)

Sabah through her eyes =)

[KarYee visiting UMS Chancellory]

[Have I ever mentioned to you that UMS only has two exits? One the main door, and the other,
THIS. Straight into the ocean. Haha.]

[Our floating mosque. Pretty eh?]

[Souvenir from Gaya street =)]

[My heart sank when I saw this. So many of Patrick's relatives died. =(]

[This is in Nexus Hotel, Karambunai. Another paradise. =)]

[See what I mean? =P]

[Then we went island hopping at Pulau Sapi and Manukan]

[Beautiful. I mean the scenary. Not the one picking up seashells. =P Hahahahahahaha.]

[KarYee & Eeleen]

[If only the waters in Penang were this clear]

[And this..must totally introduce to you guys.
They taste as good as they look. Really. *Thumbs up* Check out their blog by clicking this:
Boutique Cupcakes]


These photos were all taken by KarYee. And trust me. It is as beautiful here in KK as shown in the photos. =)
Coming back soon babe? Heheheeeeee. You still haven't seen the cow farm la..haven't climb Mount KK la..haven't went white water rafting la..haven't visited the hot spring la.. Tempting isn't it?? Tsk tsk tsk..=D

Blog comes to life!!

I know.. I know.. it's been a long while. =)
Let me see, 4 months?? No wonder I see spiderwebs all over my blog. HAHA. =)
I really miss blogging though. I've been too caught up with so many things that I totally neglected it. And guess what? I'm actually doing this in the midst of my exam period. Hehe.
Just sat for two major papers yesterday, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Imagine that. =/ Didn't do too well though. Sigh..
But well, exams are about giving your best and leaving the rest to God. Because He knows your effort. =) CK told me that.

Alright..a little update about myself. =)
1. I'm still in KK, Sabah. The most beautiful place ever. Especially if you love beaches and chops (Lamb chop, chicken chop, pork chop, cat chop..Oooops. Hehe. No cats. No cats.)
[See what I mean. Clear water. Blue sky. Sandy beaches. Paradise.]

Picture curi-ed from KarYee. =P

2. Still crazy over floorball. It is off season currently. We just finished our Nomad League as 1st runner ups. But I believe Nomad will keep on fighting and gold shall be ours next year. =)
So since it's off season, Coach Shawn has been treating us with very NICE killers every week. I had to walk like a penguin every time training ends. I call them tofu legs now. =)
[Nomad with their titanium medals]

3. My house has a new cat! Pretty cute. We all thought it was a she but it was actually a he. Now I know why it likes me so much. =P

4. I've been using alot of "LOL" lately instead of my usual "Hahahaha". What's happening to me. =]

5. Did my performance for the very last time in university. I am very sure it's the last time. And it was great. =) Ahhh..memories.
[That's me. The glowing one. LOL. See see. The LOL again. & not forgetting, Kevin. My duet partner.]

[Kevin got me this as an appreciation gift. Thank you Kevin. =)
The last time someone gave me flowers was on Mother's Day. -.-" I really wonder what that person was thinking.]

6. And finally somebody came all the way down from Penang just to see me which is a lie. She's here for the beach only. =D Heheeee. It was nice to have a chance to show KarYee around beautiful KK. More pictures in the next post. =)

That's it for now I guess. =) Wonder if anyone's gonna read this. Hmmm. After all, it's been such a long time. =]