Thursday, November 21, 2013

Problematic Tummy

If you are the kind of person who can eat anything without having to worry about the stomach turning into a washing machine, be really thankful.
I was born with a fairly weak tummy. =/ 
Lactose intolerant. Easily bloated. Indigestion. Diarrhea-prone. Zzz. 
If you need me to list down the foods I have to avoid, there isn't much left to enjoy in life. HAHAHA. 

Really laaa... See ah... No milk (lactose), no ice cream, no cheese, no pineapple (too acidic), guava (too much fiber), tom yam, chilli, curry, peanuts, no char koay teow (oily food causes my stomach to bloat wan I don't know why T.T), no tom yam maggi, no curry mee....... NoooooOOoooooOOOooooooooooooooo...... ='(

So in order to counter this problem, I eat everything and anything I want. YESHHH!!! 
Bwahahahahahahaa. And then run for the toilet. Hehehe. So my brother calls me the "lao sai queen" (diarrhea queen). =)
But I wasn't so lucky yesterday. Suffered from food poisoning and indigestion. So bad I had to go to the doctor. And he said: "Don't simply eat dy ah..."
So I gave doctor this Tom Hiddleston-grin............
Ahahahahahahaha. XD
Okay. Fine. Fine. I was forced to eat porridge by my mom for two consecutive days already. HAPPY NOW?!?!? >:(

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013

There's one person I really wanna thank you today, and he is no other than my hero daddy. =)
He stayed up whole night so that he can drive me to Queensbay on time, and was already waiting for me at the designated place ('cause I ran without my phone so we had to confirm a waiting place as he wouldn't be able to contact me). It was the best feeling I felt after a long long time to see him standing there and smiling, and laughing at me at the same time 'cause I was walking one kind. Hmmmp. And to hug him. =)

So yes. I was late for my marathon. Started 5 minutes late. When my dad woke me up it was already 2:30am and I was like sh*t. Zzz. Stupid Twilight kept me up til 12am. Hehehehe. How can you resist vampire movies?!?!?! :D I weally did try to sleep. Weally weally. ;)
Okay. Back to the story, didn't have time for Milo, no time to bang sai (bad bad bad), no time to warm up properly. I ran to the starting line and ran pass it like a boss. Haha.

Running with a colon full of sh*t is bad. Extra load. And it really uspets the tummy. =(
But then something cheered me up. There was this girl running in a cute unicorn mascot!!! It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeeeee!!! Hahaha. Darn cute la. But I cannot imagine the heat she has to go through wearing that thick suit. Zzz.

[Yours truly]
Timing was satisfactory, since I started chaotically. Heh.
Event Results
9KM Split:01:13:01.68
17KM Split:02:10:25.27

It was a good run. I find myself dreaming a lot along the way, looking at stars and also at people's funny way of running. Haha. Enough marathon for this year!!! Enough is enough!!! >=)
Thank you Jesus, for helping me to stay focus even when my legs were hurting and help me tahan my bang sai til I finish. Haha. *You have no idea*

Monday, November 11, 2013


Just in case you're wondering, don't have to go Google translate la. My title is translated as "Friends are getting married". It's actually a sad song by Yu Heng, a very talented local artist, describing how she feels when her friends are getting married, while she deals with the lost of someone she loves. Haih. But still, she believes someday, she'll find love again. =)

But anyhow, this post is not about any sad drama stories!
We had our Youth Impact gathering yesterday, to celebrate Sam and Nicholes upcoming wedding; and also to congratulate Reuben for getting engaged just a few days ago. =) All grown up men now. I still remember they were a bunch of monkeys during schooling days. Still are, but matured monkeys now. HAHAHA.
And it was really nice to meet up with the beautiful-beautiful sekalian.
Girls, someday, it will be our turn. When the right one comes along. =)

Yes. Des has finally found who he really is inside.
Photo credits to Ping


So...we had lunch at this place called Little Big Cafe, in Nagore road (Opposite Pik Nik).
They serve western. So please don't expect Hokkien mee inside. Heh.
I don't know what are your burger preferences, but their Bacon Swiss Godzilla is the BOMB!!! *drools*
Theresa said their salmon burger was good too, Ah Ping like their wasabi burger (but Deswyn hated it - he said eat two bowls of hokkien mee wayyyyyy better HAHA), Woan Sein's Sleeping Beauty burger was great too. =) Definitely a place I would recommend to friends, just that you may want to load up your wallet 'cause it isn't exactly the price of your usual ramli burgers. ;)

[Creative lights]


[Bacon Swiss Godzilla *RAWRRRRRRRRR*]
[Yilin always has the coolest jackets =) ]

[The OCD thing again]

Many of us are leaving for somewhere after this. It's funny how life is sometimes, from small little monsters to being who we are today. I guess through the good and bad, we really have to thank God for holding us close and helping us through. None of us could have possibly still be here if it wasn't for His love, grace and mercy. I know I wouldn't. =)


Monday, November 4, 2013

This Is A Long Goodbye

I know they say if you love somebody
You should set them free
But it sure is hard to do
It sure is hard to do
I know they say if it don't come back again
Then it's meant to be
Those words don't pull me through
'Cause I'm still in love with you

I spend each day here waiting for a miracle
But it's just you and me goin' through the mill
Climbin' up a hill

This is the long goodbye, somebody tell me why
Two lovers in love can't make it
Just what kind of love keeps breakin' a heart
No matter how hard I try, I always make you cry
Come on, baby, it's over, let's face it
All that's happenin' here is a long goodbye

Sometimes I ask my heart did we really
Give our love a chance
But I know without a doubt
We turned it inside out
And if we walked away
Would it make more sense
But it tears me up inside
Just to think we still could try

How long must we keep running on a carousel
Goin' round and round and never gettin' anywhere
On a wing and prayer

This is the long goodbye, somebody tell me why
Two lovers in love can't make it
Just what kind of love keeps breakin' a heart
No matter how hard I try, I always make you cry
Come on, baby, it's over, let's face it
All that's happenin' here is a long goodbye, long goodbye
Long goodbye
Long goodbye
This is a long goodbye
This is a long goodbye
Long goodbye

Merdeka Cup 2013

Merdeka Cup 2013. =)
A great trip.
*End of post*

HAHAHAHAHA!!! No laaaa...=) I have so much more to say.
I wish I could explain to you how proud I am of my girls and their performance in Merdeka Cup '13. But I just couldn't. =) To be honest, I was very worried and troubled when I first recruited the team 'cause half of the team were made up of new girls; and the other more experience half are not able to make it for training due to exams and work. This puts me & the coaches (Sam & Jeremy) in big dilemma 'cause we need the experience players to go against the already expected BIGGER opponents; but the younger, newer players were the ones dedicated & committed to every single training. :S Plus, I have a very very fresh and new goalie, Michaela who had to step in for the legendary Sharron as she just underwent a knee surgery. =(

But the girls really made me proud during both games. =) I told them, "History is not gonna repeat itself, we are not gonna lose to them, we are gonna change history this time." And true enough, we didn't lose any game. It was a 5-5 draw against the KL giants, and a 8-6 win over Selangor ladies. But it wasn't enough for us to be Champion due to the goal difference.
I guess I made a mistake after all. I should have said: "We are gonna lift the cup this year!!" instead. 
Hahahahaha. But if you ask me, was it enough for me...... Honestly & sincerely, it was. =)

It has nothing to do with the results of the game, but to see Penang Women's Floorball grow. At least I know now Penang is gonna have a new batch of young, passionate, aspiring female floorball players coming up. They may not be great yet, but you just wait and see, I assure you. You just wait and see. ;)
 [My pride & joy]

[3 cheers for Team Selangor!!
You should be able to guess which team is Penang based on our jersey. If not, it's time to go back to school to draw & color Penang flag. Lol.]

[It was an honour to be leading the team & screwing referees when they screw us first.]

[Battle scars]

[My koala. Haha.]

[4 hotties & a smoking hot panda =P ]

[Alina & Eeleen. So much to learn from her =) ]

[My favorite picture among all. =) 'Cause I see ONE team.]

 [Together with the Penang boys who emerged as Champion of Merdeka Cup 2013!!! *proud of them*]

I know many of you don't read my blog, but if any of you accidentally swing by;

Sam & Jeremy: 
Thank you for coaching and helping the team to blossom. Sam, wished you could stay longer and help the girls be better players. But you have a higher calling now. Hahaha. Jeremy, you better train the girls so well that they kick asses!! ;)

Penny, Sheryn, Serene, Lavinia, Sophia, Sharron:
Thank you for being the backbone and strong pillar of the team. I hope this passion for floorball will never die, even if our physical ability fail us. HAHAHA. But please la...Mika Kohonen is still playing floorball right now at the age of 36 so you girls have no valid reasons to give. =P

Pei Yi, Natasha, Winnie, Ling Ling:
I know you girls are at a cross road where it will probably lead you to a future which may no longer allow you to be exposed to floorball. Though deep down inside I hope you will continue to play and grow the sport of floorball wherever you go, I wish you girls the best!! And hope that floorball and the people around it help shaped you into someone better. You girls are my pride. Sincerely.

Michaela, Naomi, Yen Yen, Jessie, Shan Ling, Amylia, Sherwin, Beverly:
I admire your courage, your passion, your love for floorball. You girls help remind me why I love floorball in the first place and gave me reasons to continue. And for that, I really wanna thank you. =) You may be young, but don't ever let that stop you from reaching your full potential. Continue to train, and never give up even if you feel like quitting. It's not gonna be easy, that's for sure. But when is anything in life easy..? =)


Sunday, November 3, 2013

5th CFAL & SCKLM 2013

What?!?! It's been two months since I last posted anything?!?! How can time fly so fast?!?!?! How can how can how can?!?!?!
*Shocked face*
I wish I could stop time. 4 more months and I'm turning 2*. =] But I know that as long as I walk with God, this life could only get better, stronger. =) #Gottahavefaith 
(I'M FINALLY LEARNING HOW TO HASHTAG!!!!! Thanks to my Floorball girls. LOL.)

So yes. September and October has been a sporty month. Hehe.
Nailed my first CFAL 82km round island in early September, finished slightly above 4 hours. It was raining heavily the whole journey which made downhill ride VERY SLOW 'cause I was scared I'd ruin my face if I crash. Serious. So I was riding really carefully & slow when going downhill. There were lots of accidents along the way, bandaged knee, bandaged arm, head etc. All thanks to the rain and slippery roads.
So I really thank God for keeping me, Benson, Jasmine and Elaine safe all the way, and helping me to continue paddling when my legs were failing. 82km without proper distance training is tough sh*t.
Conclusion: AWESOME RIDE!
[Benson & hedges and myself =P ]

[Elaine & Eeleen]
It's funny how we have almost the same name, same gloves & same arm warmer. HAHA.]

OH OHHH!!!! I won my first ever big lucky draw!!! Hehehehehehehehehe. I wanted to leave right away after the ride 'cause I was never lucky enough to win anything but Benson was bugging me to stay and said he will be my lucky charm. And who knew......who knew....... I won a RM2k++ road bike wheel set!!! =)))
I am one blessed girl!! =)

[Miche Syntium Axy Clincher Wheelset]

[5th CFAL 2013 Round Island ride medal]

[Kalah tak apa, gaya mesti ada]

Then month end came and it was time for my first Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Another marathon I went unprepared and suffered the consequences. =________="

I started the journey with Lavinia & her friend (which was actually Sarah Chang's sister which I had no idea about Haha), but lost them after 5km.
It was a painful run starting from kilometer 12. My leg muscles just decided to shut down on me, and started hurting like asdfghjkl@#$%^&*()?!!!. I tried to push myself but the pain was just too much to bear. If you know me well, I'm not the kind who gives up easily but this time, I just did. I started walking really slow starting from kilometer 15, not thinking about the time or distance. 'Cause I knew it was impossible for me to finish the race in time with my condition. Many times I just felt like sitting by the road side and call for emergency helper to carry me back. But that moment, that moment when I feel like I really couldn't go on anymore, Lavinia caught up from behind. That moment I felt like crying I tell you. She was like an angel sent to me at the right moment. =) So we started running again, really slowwwwwwwww. Not wanting to slow her down I asked Lala to go ahead when we were about 2km away from the finishing line, while I drag my feet across the line. Finished in 3:08. Not bad for an OKU.
[My angel which also provided me breakfast =) ]

[Shawn dreaded his 42km but eventually finished it too. =) ]
So basically that's it la. I'm really starting to hate the word distance 'cause it's torturing and hard. Zzz. If it's not for my love for food & the sense of achievement I wouldn't be doing all these. Dang. Lol.