Monday, February 24, 2014

Battle Scar

I don't know if it's just me being clumsy, stupid or am I really fearless when blocking shots during Floorball, I somehow get injured in the face pretty often. Heh. Got shot in the eye back in 2009 and had a bruised right eye (free eye shadow YAYYYY!!!), then this happened on Saturday...

Hahahahaha. Yes you are right. It is really painful. Especially the bruise. It's still swollen today. The cut is recovering well though. :)
Got shot in the eye, wear protective glasses. Got whack in the chin, how now..? Follow Petr Cech's style perhaps..? Hahahaha.

All for the love of Floorball. Problematic right knee; had some problems with my right foot too (something is very wrong with the tendons or ligaments there); busted right wrist etc. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. :/

Yours truly,

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I've had quite a few of these wrist bands which has "WWJD" printed on it, since long long time ago. It's a short for What Would Jesus Do? And to be honest, I've never given much thought about it. It has always been just a cool wrist band to me until it hit me recently.
What would Jesus do? This is basically the one question you and I have to ask ourselves when we come across difficulties/dilemmas/decisions to be made. 
Had a fight with your parents?
You were asked to receive a bribe and get things approved?
Find it hard to forgive something your bf/gf/spouse/best friend did?
Don't know whether to eat chicken wings or chicken drumstick?
In a dilemma? Lack courage? Angry at someone?

All you need to do is ask this question: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? 
And I am 108% sure you'd know what to do. :)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming...

I can't swim front crawl for nuts. And that is basically the one reason (or excuse HEHE) I have been procrastinating when it comes to signing up for Triathlons. :) And I guess Jasmine (a good friend of mine who does Tri) got tired of my procrastination and signed me up for the upcoming Penang Tri in March. All expense paid. Shows how serious she is in kicking my butt out of my chair. :/

So... I went for my first front crawl swimming lesson yesterday. Coached by one of my floorball girls - Beverly and her lifeguard mom. Fuhhhhhh. It was tougher than I thought. My legs were tired from the kicks even after 500 meters. My two hands were not cooperating. And I felt suffocated 'cause I couldn't breathe well. Basically, I felt like crap. :( Haihhhhhhh. After 2 hours of lesson, I feel like giving up Tri. Haih.

But perhaps it's just the first lesson? It's always tougher in the beginning right..? I don't know la. I'm not afraid of water. But it's open water I'll be swimming in during Penang Tri. What if I got tired and drown? I can't stand and rest in open water like I do in the pool. I don't even know how many buoys there will be for resting. Okay. The more I think the more I feel like chickening out. -.-

Let's see what happens at the end of February okay..? I guess I can always swim breaststroke all the way. Hehehe. And end up kicking someone's head. Whooops. 
Oh yes. And I couldn't lift up my arm to wash my hair just now. My triceps.... I mean my tri-FATS are so sore that pulling a glass door open takes so much out of me.
Don't know to cry or laugh now. Haha.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Can Or Not...

Hello there! :) It's been a month. I've been busy. Really really busy. :) Work mostly. I usually set New Year Resolutions but since the new year until now, I didn't really have time to think it through. Heh. Perhaps I should. And instead of making 30 resolutions, I should just focus on 10-15, and make it happen. :)

But as I plan ahead and think of all the things I need to do in 2014, I can't help but feel stressed.

Here's a list of things I need to do/manage within the first half year of 2014:
1. Sales sales sales. Almost got a heart attack when I saw my annual sales target.
2. Penang Women's Floorball League is starting this Saturday.
3. Penang Triathlon (23rd March 2014). Olympic distance 1.5+40+10. Kill me already.
4. Future planning. It's a mixed feeling of fear and excitement.
5. Bring my floorball girls down to Singapore for tournament/ friendly.
6. Prepare the ladies state team for Merdeka Cup.

6 is enough for now. Wanna cry liao. Hahaha. I don't dread all the above. In fact, I'm really excited about all of them. But there's always this slight doubt and fear bah. It makes me wonder if I really can handle all these. #gottahavefaith :)

Turning 27 in a month's time. :( Don't want can ah...? Don't want.