Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who am I inside?

It's been a while since my last post. Let me see..3 months..? Yea. 3 months.
I was going through my older posts since 2009 and some of them really made me laugh. HAHAHA. And I also realize how much I've changed within this 2 years.
And it got me thinking: What if I were to stay in Penang and not go to Sabah? What if I were to go to Russia for studies? Things would have turned out differently.

I'm thankful for all that has happened and did not happen. And I'm honestly thankful for where I am today.
But there are times when I stand in front of the mirror and wonder who is that girl staring straight back at me?
Sometimes I feel like a live in a world where I have to hide what my heart believes in.

I have a heart that needs to be free to fly. One that burns with a need to know every reason why.

Switch me off

If only feelings can be switch on and off.
Or memories can be deleted at a press of a button.
But life doesn't work that way.