Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I fly pretty often these few years due to studying in Sabah, and have encountered a few turbulence once in a while. But never have I once experience a ride as bumpy as the one I had few days ago!! Darn scary!! :(
I felt as if my guts and heart was going to come out from my stomach when the plane dropped several times. Read again carefully: DROPPED SEVERAL TIMES. Not one, not two. SEVERAL.

I held on to the seat handle so tightly, while my mom grabbed Dee's hand.
The worse part is listening to the captain say: "There will be a few turbulence along the way." Ughhh. But I know it's unavoidable. According to the flight captain, it is due to the monsoon season that causes strong winds and thick clouds over South China Sea. I bet he tried his best to avoid the clouds but it still happened laa. :]

When we touched down and came out from the plane, my mom told me that she thought it's time for her to go to heaven. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
And she said she'd be closer to heaven if anything were to happen to the plane. BUT THEN, she forgotten that if anything were to happen to the plane during the turbulence, the plane will still have to hit the ground before everyone dies. Right?? LOL.
Sometimes Mee says the funniest things. :)

Though I don't know when my Father in Heaven is gonna bring me home, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't my time yet during that turbulence. :) 'Cause I believe God put us on earth for a purpose, and I'm still searching and living that purpose. And even if He does bring me home, I will gladly follow.
[I hope this is not what the pilot did to us. Haha..:D]
So, to those who are flying over the South China Sea route, just be prepared for a bumpy ride and know that it's all in control by the pilots. :) Happy flying!!

Another Great Chapter Has Ended

I was back in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah the past weekend for my convocation. :)
It was really great to see my friends again after 6 months. Yes, my convocation is 6 months after my final examinations. Long overdue. Haha!

I had fun. :) The ceremony was well organized; the orchestra/band played incredibly well; and the automated name-calling machine pronounced my name correctly!! :) Heheheheeeee.
Didn't know UMS would actually use such a cool system. :P
And it was also very nice to be able to catch up with my friends. Some are working, some stopped working (a little too soon don't you think. LOL), some changed a 2nd job (just like me), some haven't start working, and some doing their Masters. :) All the best peeps!! Will keep you guys in my prayers. 

[The bestie and also the pain in my arse for the past 4 years. Haha!]
[Lala kept her promise and came together with Ee Hong. Thank you girls..:)]
[Hui San and I :)]
[Before the ceremony: zhinieeleenjenniferhueyyiyifuijulingkelyn :D]
[Thank you so much for everything xiao zhu..thank you for being there for me always..]
[Love the heart shape balloons!! Okay..I'm a sucker for balloons. Teeheehee.]
[Little miss pretty and myself]
[Taaadaaaa!!! Our first class student!! Laiyee..I'm so proud of you. Really. :)]
[Forever Friends Graduation bear from hun :)]
[This is the very precious picture of me with Dee and Mee. I was stupid enough to not take more pictures with them. Degree graduate konon. -___-"]
Dee & Mee, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for your love and support while I was away from home for studies for the past 4 years. People and friends come and go, but for all these years you've always been there. So thank you. Love you guys so much!! :) And I hope you're proud of me.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just around the corner

I received my earliest (ever) and first Christmas card of the year yesterday, all the way from New Zealand!! :)
Thanks baby girl. I'm always, always thankful for a godsis like you. :) Faster come back laaaa..can't wait to see you again.
By the way I've figured out what I want dy lu:
a New Zealand cow. Serious.
Why la even other country's Christmas cards are nicer...........-____-"

Christmas is exactly a month and a day away!! :) Wheeeeee!!! :)
*Jingle bell Jingle bell*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get A Life: 1UP

It only took me 3 weeks of working to realize how working can really drain the life out of you.

You're tied down for at least 9 hours a day, and at the end of the day you're probably so tired, you don't have the energy for friends and sport activities. You probably don't even spend time talking to your parents or partners. It's unacceptable and awful! :(

So if you realize by now you're one of these people, go get a life. :) Either you do something to spice up your life or add a little something into your busy schedule.
Find time to meet friends, do a movie marathon, hang out with your siblings or parents, go running, join the gym and meet people. Something. Anything. Rather than you live a boring, ritual and draggy life. Not exactly the kind of life God has installed for any of us.

Even Mario needs his mushroom for an extra life when the game sucks the juice out of his life. :)

Working Life

The adults were right about one thing. Studying is always better than working!! :(

Well, I'm not complaining about my current job. My first one really did suck though. It only lasted me 2 weeks. Heheheheee. I'm probably the only one among my friends who has change 2 jobs after working for only 2 months. :P Haha!

I'm still in the initial phase of working, still adapting. I don't know if this is what I want to do for long term; I don't really know what I like or prefer; I don't know if the job suits me; I don't even know if I like my colleagues. Everything just feels "bland and boring". Is there something wrong with me?? :/

I don't feel excited to go to work (I presume nobody does, HAHA); but I don't feel dreadful that I have to go to work every morning too. It just feels like something I HAVE TO DO. That's how I define work for now.

However, I'm glad I'm into sales and marketing. :) 
I remember telling my parents that I don't want to do sales (with utmost certainty), but I came to realize that if a person can survive in sales line, you'd probably have a higher chance of succeeding in life. 'Cause everything you do in life involve sales.
When you go for interviews, you promote yourself;
When you go dating, you promote yourself;
When you go buy fish in the market, you negotiate price with the fishmonger;
When you meet your future in laws for the first time, you do your best to make them like you and accept you.
Plus, all the great businessman or pioneers of various industries that we know started off doing sales too: The late Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and even our very own Tony Fernandes!! :)

I'm not saying that if you're in IT line or doing admin you won't succeed in life. No no..:) It's just me, and what I believe for now. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Back to life

I guess this blog has been dead long enough. I'm sorry Dear Blog. :(
But guess what? I'm gonna try my best to bring you back to life, soon!! *Cross my heart*
Who cares if nobody reads you. It's my my blog, my space, my page!!
Plus, it has WAY more privacy than facebook now. And it's exactly what I need for now. :)

I'm gonna find back the momentum that I lost for blogging. Til then, hang on my dear readers. If there's any. Haha. :) Tsk tsk tsk. :)