Wednesday, April 28, 2010


..Will remind you of the first time you really, really fell in love. Especially if your first love didn't work out. Like mine. But oh well..
It was not bad la.. for a local production movie. =)
The beginning was abit slow but it got better and really touching towards the end. I was really looking forward to Fish Leong's acting.. manatau.. the only line she had was "Eh!!!" -.-"
She's still funny though. Her name's barli peng in the movie. Hahahaha. 'Cause she drinks barli peng all the time. XD
[I should have kept my guli's instead of giving it all away to my cousins. =/ I wonder if kids nowadays know what a guli is.]

I don't mean to scare you, but everybody has a first time. =)
And Love will keep you up all night.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Those were the days

How I miss those days when I love you and sorry were said without pride and ego holding me back;
and Goodnight wishes were something I would never miss saying to my parents;
I miss the days where my worst worry was "Will I wake up in time to watch Justice League?";
and when the only pieces I have in my closet were tshirts and my school uniform;
I miss waking up in the morning, excited to go to school;
and even after being scolded by teacher, I'd still be able to laugh about it when class's over;
I miss the times where I would hop into my daddy's boat and go fishing with him under the hot sun (he'll be fishing, I'll be scooping fish then. Hehe.);
And the way I would tip toe on his feet while we dance.
I miss swallowing 3 large McD fries without worrying about the extra fats & that my coach will kill me;
I miss the times where things were less complicated, and when people were more grateful.
I miss being myself without having to worry what the world thinks about me.
If only I could turn back time.

Cookie love

Just as much as Cookie Monster loves his chocolate chip cookies,

that's how I love you. =)

Picture taken from
I'm seriously craving for Famous Amos' Chocolate Chip with Pecan right now. X)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bye bye stitches

I went to the hospital to take off my stitches yesterday. And it didn't hurt at all!! =D
The nurse did it for me and I guess she's pretty good at it.
My wound's 80% recovered now.
Gotta thank my parents most 'cause they took care of my wound for me more than I did. Hehe. =)
[Count the number of stitches. XP]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pemburuan Haro Kitty

Went hunting for Hello Kitty bed sheet with Ping on Monday night. =)
I tell you ah, the sales girl seriously needs to go for Promote-your-product lessons lo. We were there for at least 10 minutes and she didn't persuade us to get the bed sheet at all!! But it's not like we will even if she did laa.. Hahahahahaha.
It's RM99 okay?? I can eat 33 bowls of curry mee d. Hehe. X)

We asked her would it be okay if we take a picture with the big Haro Kitty board and she took 3 seconds to nod her head, and gave us that "Duh! None of my business" look. -.-"
[Ping & Haro Kitty =)]

Then we head to J.Co for yogurt. Yummy! X)))
Next time I'll order a double and all my three toppings would be cocoa puffs. =D

[Taken by Ping. =)]

Youthwave 2010

[Face off. Love what Val does to her hair every time there's a competition. =)]

[Showing off my bandage. =P]

[First aiders handling me. Hehe.]

[Okay. I accidentally tore my shirt while changing into it. Hahahaha. Opppss.]

[1 out of 5 girls play sports. Whyyyyyyy?]

[I "hate" you Ping. X)]

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Facing the Giants

If there's one thing I learn in Youthwave Challenge 2010, it would be this: Impossible is nothing! Stolen from Adidas. Hehe. =)
When Penny asked me to play for Contact Sugar I was expecting to play with people around my age. It was when I saw my teammates yesterday morning that really caught me by surprise. They were so so so freaking young!! Don't get me wrong. I'm young too. It's just that they're way younger. =P 2 of them were Elementary school girls! Imagine that. Haha.
And with the addition of my neck surgery, I honestly didn't expect much from myself & my team.

But after the first game, they totally, seriously WOW-ed me. I was really amazed. =) The Sugars soon make me forget about the pain in my neck and the fact that I might tear my wounds anytime. I find myself playing hard, giving my best to the girls. =)
We fought our way into Finals, but didn't make in into top 3. But I was already proud of the Sugars. =) I mean, they were so young...& I wasn't in my best condition but we beat so many other teams. Even the Champion team didn't score against us but the other way around..they only beat us by Penalty.
We faced and conquered Giants people. And I'm really proud of you girls. =)
[Sophia, Natalynn, Ashlynn, Eeleen, Theoann & our super mischievous cheerleader Chrishalynn standing right in front]

[Kacau saja these two! =D Sumore can talk to me while I was busy in court. Haha.]

Will post up more pictures when I get my hands on them. =)
Bye peeps!

Friday, April 9, 2010

7 stitches

Went for a minor surgery last night to remove a cyst from the back of my neck. One crazy experience! Haha. =)
And the doctor gave me 7 stitches!! =( So I assume that the wound's 1 inch long?
The cyst was the size of a small green pea though. Please don't stare at the picture too long later you geli. It didn't hurt too much la. A little of course, especially after the anesthetic's gone. But it was okay.
Felt abit cacat after the surgery 'cause I can't move my neck much. Haha.
[Went in smiling, came out...still smiling la...=)]

[Not for the faint hearted]

[Bandaged neck...pain pain. =(]

But guess what, I'm gonna play floorball in Youthwave challenge tomorrow! Hahaha. Mom called me iron human (in hokkien). And she's right... I'm one with a heart as soft as marshmallow. XD

Sweeter than cupcakes

My super belated birthday present. But thanks babe. I really love & appreciate it. =)

[My jersey number, my birthday]

[KarYee - The dalang of my fatness. =)]

[You're my Cuppy Cake...Gumdrop...Snoogums Boogums...]

[Love the color.]

[Poo poo cupcake. =D]

[Got custom made birthday card sumore wei. You people jealous not?? Wakaka. XP]

Thanks darl. =)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Outdated updates X)

Hmmm. The title says it all ya. Hehe. =D I'm supposed to post all these up weeks ago but me being know la. =P So where should I begin with? Let's see...Ah!!
Maggie's birthday. =)
[The tai kah che of my gang. *smirk*]

We went to Edelweiss for dinner and headed to Red after that. Red was okay before 11pm. After that it got really smokey and I didn't really like it. =/
[Edelweiss. In Armenian Street.]

[Judy & me. Love this pic.]

[Jenn, Mag, Eeleen, Judy & Hoon]

Oh oh...tell you something mean but quite funny also la. You can actually pick songs and sing in Red, and of course everybody else will be listening to you sing. So there's this guy and girl they sang "屋顶" you know. And they made this beautiful song sound so horrible!! I almost wanted to stand up and ask them for the mic d. Hehe.
Say only la..I wouldn't dare. =P
So boon and I waited until they left and chose the song again. And we got applaused. Hehe. =)
[Yours truly. =)]

Korea Palace

Gotta post this up too 'cause I did something embarrassing in a high class Korean restaurant. Hahahaha. =D
Had a good dinner with my love ones at Korea Palace (in Krystal Point). It was a bbq restaurant but they had really good ventilation system so it was not smokey at all.

[Pancake - a must try! My brother loved it to the max.=)]

[Steamy steamboat - doesn't it make you hungry? Nyek nyek nyek.]

Love the environment, love the food. Not too expensive and the service is awesome. =) Oh ya, the owner's pretty hot too, with really nice figure.;P All you single man can go try your luck but I'm not too sure if she's still available or not wan ha. X)
And when we were about to leave, I spilled a whole bowl of soya sauce onto myself. Great. =) Dad gave me that "there she goes again" look and smiled.
[Soya sauce + eeleen = Soyaleen!! Hahahaha.]

Super E's back!!
For good. =) It's so so so good to see Ping - the Hello Kitty girl back in Penang. But I bet part of her heart is still in KL cause B is there. Hehe. But anyway, she's back here and I gotta hang out with her more often before she leaves for UK and me back to Sabah.
[Deriss, Eeleen, WoanSein, Ping, Theresa]

[Lame. XP]

[Mata sepet la me!-.-]

Ping and I are going hunting for Hello Kitty bed sheets next week! =) Obviously not for me la. I wouldn't fall in love with a cartoon which couldn't even smile to me.
Hello Kitty got no mouth. Cannot eat, cannot smile, cannot talk, cannot sing, cannot kiss. Sad case. =P *sorry ping*

Last but not least, KarYee came back for a short holiday last week! Seriously miss her wei. =)
And babe, I know it's tough but you gotta hang on kay? Nothing's too hard when you put your heart to it. And trust me, I know you'll do well. 'Cause you're good at it. Hugs! =)
[Failed nerd wannabe's. 'Cause we're just too cool. Muahahahahaha.]

[Lesson learnt: Never let her get hold of your camera 'cause she snaps anything & everything. Beautifully though. =)]

That's all for now people. Tata. =D

Juggling life

Ever since I started working (internship more precisely), I find myself wishing there were more than 24 hours a day. =]
I sleep 7 hours; my job took the other 12; and I'm left with 5 hours. By the time I'm done with dinner and washing up, probably..4?
My Saturdays and Sundays are always jam-packed. They usually belong to the big Guy above. That I don't complaint. But the rest of it... I felt myself suffocating, trying to grab hold of any spare time left for myself.

I used to be able to sit in my room, with my guitar, and sing whatever that comes to my mind. But now...
I find it so hard to juggle between family, floorball, studies, work, friends, myself, love (maybe)...sometimes I get so tired I just fall asleep without talking to Jesus. Sigh.
I talked to LinKen the other day (he's a real good juggler btw) and he said everybody only has 24 hours, so I gotta prioritize. But it's so much easier said than done people. How do you prioritize when everything seems important to you? =/

I gotta make things better starting from today. Like he said: PRIORITIZE. I'm putting Jesus first. And I believe when I do, the rest will just fall into place. =]
[Can time stand still for me?]

Picture taken with my Canon Ixus 95. =)
I will not wish for 25 hours a day, but I can pray for wisdom to start & end my day according to His ways.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Hero's Birthday

[Happy Birthday Daddy!!! =)]

[Eh, my Hero's hair cool or not?! Messy-spike, man. XP]

[The Hero & the Zero. =) Yeeee...why my eyes so sepet wan. ]

It meant a lot to me to be home for your birthday this year.
I love you daddy. =)
Love your big tummy too. X) Hahahaha.
God bless you.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

There's No Love Greater Than This

You loved me when I was so unlovely
You sought me when I was lost

You showed me how much You really loved me

When You bought me at the highest cost

There's no greater love than this
There's no greater love than this
That a man would give his life for a friend
There's no higher sacrifice
Than a man would give his life
You have paid the highest price for me

You chose me when I was so unworthy
You cleansed me with Your own blood
You clothed me with righteousness and mercy
And You crowned me with Your steadfast love