Sunday, March 21, 2010

I should have brought you here

I wish you could see how beautiful they are now. =)
Stay blooming little flowers.. Hang on for another week..
*fingers cross*

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This was the score.
We won the war, but I lost my own battle.
SuLeen and the rest keep telling me that I have many nice shots, but what's the point when I cannot turn the shots into goals.. Sigh. And the stupid mistakes I made in court. Double sigh.

And Coach Ed was right about us. We didn't run enough. We were like shopping with a floorball stick rather than playing a floorball game. Always chasing after the floorball or the opponent. Never with the initiative to run first.
Penny too was right. Many of us keep telling ourselves that we cannot run. That we cannot this, cannot that, cannot. But it's all in the mental. It's just the brain weakening us. Right?
As for Sarah, I had the same thought as her. We didn't play as a team. We didn't play as one. We failed to support one another.
That's our biggest weakness.

And unless we learn from our mistakes, we will not be able to go beyond these boundaries.
I too, need to work on my ball controls, shots and runs.
[I see determination and mental strength in this pic. Do you?]

"Nothing worth gaining was ever gained without effort."
Theodore Roosevelt

Thursday, March 18, 2010


[A single rose of love]

[My mess]

[Brainless-pink-fat-fella. =)]

[Personal favorite]


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Was able to make it for state training right after work yesterday evening, slightly late though. Ooops. X]
It was at Metropolitan Park, Relau - my first time there. When I reach, the bunch already started running. So I quickly did some warm up and joined the rest.
Started off with 30 minutes of medium speed running. There were uphill-downhill slops and stairs. To me the toughest part was running down the stairs. It hurts my shin & feet. Ouch.

Then came the darn sprints up the 45 degrees slops. 6 laps. Urghhh. And I was bodoh enough to have oats for lunch and I was already hungry like mad. Had to do it still. =/
And after butt didn't feel like mine. And my calves..
Totally sore. Especially today.
But I guess it's a good pain after all. =)
Like Des said, it's love. Not torture. Haha.
Gotta plan my run for next week. =)
[This is what I need right now]

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Chubs

To the girl who made my schooling days awesome with tons of stupid stuff done together;
Who scolded me ****sai and draw "poo" on every page of my books all the time;
Who competes against me on track and field every Sports Day;
Who together with me kena throw chalk and duster at by teacher;
Who always like to pinch my face for no apparent reason...
This post is dedicated to you.

Last Saturday, Judy, Hooi Hoon, Steph & myself went over to Chub's house, wake her up from her sleep and gave her a morning surprise. =)
[Look at that girl! Still in her pj's! XP]

[Making a wish with her sleepy face.]

We went for breakfast after that, and started camwhoring. Typical. =D

[Yeeee...this one so cute. Especially Hooi Hoon!!]

OH YA!! This is the paling funny part!! Judy sat on the bench too heavily and capsized the whole bench!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! =D
Made us laugh like gila tell you..XD Caught on camera sumore!!

[Nah...the ever clumsy one. =)]

And this...I seriously have no idea what we were doing. Especially me. If you look at me carefully, am I sniffing Chub's hair?!? ><"

[eeleen & chubs]

Once again..Happy Birthday girl. =)
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart,
and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words."


Don't count the years, count the blessings. =)
Happy Birthday, Eeleen!!!

[People whom I love with every beat of my heart. =)]

[My colleagues gave me a surprise celebration. Haha. Sweet.]

[Which came with a present too!! See, just can't hide my smile.]

[Hahahaha!! It's a ladybird.]

[& Judy made me these cookies. You should be able to guess the words ya.
I didn't know her "handwriting" was so terrible. Hahahahahahaha.

[Thank you sheepy. X)]

And to all of you out there, thank you for the wishes, either via sms or facebook.. I just want you to know that I appreciate it very much. =)

A weekend to remember =)

Drove down to KL with Anne last weekend. Her grandma was in the car and I can say, she's the coolest grandma I've seen so far. You know why?
Where on earth you see a 75 year old grandma with more than 10 grandchildren wear jeans?!? =D
Haha. I like her. She actually poke my cheek and said that my smile look like Anne's cousin's.
Which also means I've got a great smile laaa!!! HAHAHAHA. =)))
Okay. Better stop before you puke. =P

So we reached KL around 12pm and went straight to her aunt's house, which has a SERIOUSLY NICE GRAND PIANO!!
The sound was okay okay only. Haven't seasoned yet. But who cares?? It's a grand piano!!! X)))
[A must do - try out the piano]

[And pose for the camera too laa. =P]

Then I met up with my aunt for lunch. Got my return bus ticket from her, then head to KarYee's place. =)
I like what she did to her room. It was hard to understand..especially the hanging branch. HAHAHAHAHA. Inside joke. Cannot tell you guys. But it was nice. =)
Quickly washed up and was totally excited for the night.
You'll see......

Yours truly went for S.H.E.'s concert!! =)

Pictures taken by Miss Chan Kar Yee. =) Awesome pics right?
They were so so so so pretty especially Hebe. And Ella was so freaking cute!!! =) Haha.
It was my first concert. =)
And I'm glad it was you who went with me babe. =)
Oh ya...not forgetting to thank Angie!!! For the free tics. Hehe.

We got lost that night. Haha. Went down the wrong station. Walk left right left right. Tried to stop cabs but took 3 trials to catch one. Haha. It was one hell of a night. =)

Went back the next day and when I reach home, my parents were waiting for me with a birthday cake and a great meal. =)
It really, really made me smile from the heart. =)
I love you guys so much.
And if this is not a weekend to remember, what is? =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog yang berkulat

I can see mushrooms growing on my blog now.

Hahahaha. =) Sorry people. I know it's been a really long while since I last posted anything.
But HEY!! I'm back!! And I promise you no more emo stuff regarding the past.
Must have Kangaroo spirit!! Know why?
'Cause Kangaroos can only move forward.
Yes. You heard it right. They can't move backwards. Interesting right? =)
And..yea. I'm finally over it.

So where did I stop previously? Ahh..hanging out with the pork chops. X)
I wish CNY didn't have to end so early. So that my best friend didn't have to go back.
But..sigh. So came the last day of CNY, and me & a few friends send Chey off at the airport. =]
[I miss you sunshine]

But guess what?? She's coming back in April for 3 days but it's better than none, and again in July!! =) Hehe.
And I get a chance to really catch up with my forever-kacau-ing godsis Anne. =) We went for dinner at Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (located in i-Avenue next to JPJ, Bayan Lepas). One of the nicest Japanese restaurant I've ever been to. Strongly recommend. =)
[Tsuruya, Penang. Picture taken from Penang Tua Pui]

[Me feasting =D]

So I guess that's it for this post people. Hehe. Coming up next:
Featuring S.H.E. & mua birthday. =)))

*There's a past I can't change but a future I can shape. eeleen*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Chapter

It has been a rough start for me for this new year.
There's no need to mention what happened. 'Cause it's a past now.
But I wanna thank you. For this scar you left on my heart.
It opened my eyes and it opened doors that I thought I've locked.
I've pick up each and every broken pieces though.
I've forgiven you and I've forgiven myself.
And I'm starting a New Chapter of my life.
One which I won't allow you to ruin anymore.
And a Chapter which I know is gonna be full of love, life, great challenges and so much more.

Teach me how to write this New Chapter of mine O' Lord.