Sunday, April 27, 2014

Penang Floorball League 2014

All good things come to an end. So did Penang's most prestigious floorball league - the PFL 2014 Division 1 and Women's Division League. :) It has been a long and stressful 8 weeks, yet an exciting one. It was amazing to watch the younger players step up; to see how much the pace and intensity of the games have increased; especially the level of skills among players. Fuhhh. :) I'm very proud and happy to witness how far Penang Floorball have come, and it is a privilege to be playing with/against them at this moment of time. And I'm pretty sure the games will only get better from now on.

And yes, did you hear about SWAT being the only team to beat the 2014 Women's League Champion Innebandy?!? 
You haven't?!? You must be joking. 
HAHAHA. :) Final score was 6-1. A well deserved win by the SWAT girls. Only if All Star Goalie Michaela was around. It would have been even more interesting. Still, I would like to extend a warm congratulations to the Champions of Penang Women's League - Innebandy, for securing gold for 2 years consecutively. :) And of course, Congratulations to SWAT, for being the 1st Runner up and winning game after game miraculously. LOL.

[SWAT 2014]
Clockwise top left: Ming Hwee, Beverly, Lavinia, Zulaikha, Rachel George, Verina, Jasmine, Sarah George & yours truly. 
Those missing are Lyn-dee, Olga, Xiew May.
Photo credits to Sherwynd Rylan Kessler

[All Star Left Forward]

My All Star Left Forward medal. :) Used to be so big, now it seemed so small as I held it in my hands. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that it meant nothing to me. I'm thankful, happy and proud. But I also realize there are so much more to play for besides this little medal. :) For example, PEOPLE!!!
[Watching these girls grow and improve has been nothing but amazing!]

[Friends. On and off court. :) *Ignore those behind.* Haha.]

 [A BIGGGG thank you to a great mentor and friend, for entrusting me with the vision to grow Penang Women's Floorball. And for believing in me when I doubted myself.]

[Usually I don't have to bend down to take pictures but have to accommodate these shorties. HAHAHA.]


 [All Star line: Eeleen, Nathalynn representing Jessie, Ling Ling, Yen Yen, Pei Yi & Simin representing Michaela]
Photo credits to Sherwynd Rylan Kessler

For more details about Penang Floorball League, please visit or just click here. :)

See you peeps in 2015! 
Photo credits to Sherwynd Rylan Kessler

Making God famous and proud through Floorball. :)


Thursday, April 17, 2014


I wish it didn't have to be this way.
It's sad how you were once my best friend,
but now you're like toxic in my blood stream.
I've had enough of your hurtful words.
And I hate how I always feel so inadequate, stupid, crushed, weak and low
when I'm around you.

I don't deny my mistakes.
For all I've wronged you, please do forgive me.
But I'm walking towards the sun now.
Like how Superman flies towards the sun to increase his power.
I just need to find, the better part of me.

"It may sound absurd, but don't be naive,
Even heroes have the right to bleed.
I may be disturbed but won't you concede,
Even heroes have the right to dream.
It's not easy to be me." - Superman, Five for Fighting

Picture taken from

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Bithday, Dad. =)

To the one man who stood by me through thick and thin;
Who loved me when I was at my worse;
Who encouraged me to stand up every time I fall;
Who quietly clears up my mess and never complaints;
Who is always proud of me but never mentions a word about it...
Daddy, you couldn't have loved me any better.
Happy Birthday. =)

My dad has this crazy love for cream and steamboat, so Weijin and I bought him the Black Forest cake from Secret Recipe, and also to Seoul Garden for lunch the next day (upon his request). :) My dad is a happy man when his tummy remains round.
[Dee, Mee & Black Forest. Lol.]

[Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the darkest and shortest of 'em all?

[Again. Dee, Mee & Seoul Garden. Hahaha!]
Sorry. The pictures look so nice I just have to post it up. Hehehe.

[The pain in the ass and the crazy girl with the crazy hair. :)]

A very good reminder. :)


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Panasonic Lumix GF5

... With Powerzoom Lens!!!
I finally got myself the Lumix GF5!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! You simply cannot imagine how happy and excited I am. I've been eyeing on this camera since 3 years ago. And from it's original price of RM2,100 with normal lens, I've finally got it today at RM1,400 - with the Powerzoom lens!!! :)
I'm a happy girl. :D
Thanks Hun. For noticing this awesome deal on ebay!

 [My new Lumix GF5, taken by my old faithful Canon Ixus 95 :)
Loving them both!]
 Will show you what are the cool features my Lumix GF5 has when I have the time!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Sweet Victory

I've been in the Floorball "industry" for 6.5 years, and never have I once played a proper league game with only 6 field players. Because you just can't. It's crazy. And too tiring. You just can't.
But SWAT proved me wrong. And God proved me wrong. :)

It has been 7 weeks since Penang Floorball League started. I've also transferred myself out from Contact Floorball Club to Frontliners Floorball Clud. Everyone needs a change. ;) But because there are no girls in Frontliners, so I had to be loaned to SWAT for the Women's League.
I had options for sure. I was invited by all the ladies' team to join them. Show off. But I wanted to be in a team where God will be glorified, where I'm pushed out of my comfort zone, and where I could help encourage younger and newer players. Even if it means joining a team waiting to be slaughtered.
 [SWAT during our first game]
Photo credits to Sherwynd Rylan Kessler
So yes, back to my 6 field player match game. Lol. We were up against Firebrands, who has 15 players on that day, good old 3 lines. No one knew that SWAT was gonna play 6 players only on that day. So when they saw our 1.2 line, and audiences saw our 1.2 lines, everyone's first thought was: Sure die la SWAT. Lol.
And to be honest, I had the exact same thoughts. Yea sure I am gonna put up a good fight, I'm gonna say: "You wanna score?! Over my dead body!!" But based on logic itself, we were doomed to die.

And then, it started raining. The last time SWAT won a game, it rained too. :) God can be really funny sometimes. And with that assurance, I guess we all went in and gave our best. Each and everyone of us. Sarah George asked me if I was on drugs because I keep talking and laughing on court. Even when I fell and my whole weight was rested on someone else's stick (my rib cage was the contact point with the stick still firmly held by the player), I was giggling. YES IT HURTS AND NO IT'S NOT FUNNY. Rachel George said I talked a lot of nonsense, which I don't recall at all. Haha. And in the end, we secured a 7-4 win.
Amazing? Yes. 'Cause I serve an amazing God. ;) And it was a sweet, sweet victory.

 [Group-fie after our 7-4 win over Firebrands]
I strongly believe in one thing, if you play Floorball for yourself, you'd be sure to run out of passion and reasons to go on one day. But if you play for something/someone bigger; you play for the teammate standing next to you; if you play for the name you carry, printed on your left chest, that... Will bring you far. :)