Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long awaited parcel

Guess what finally arrived today??? =D
~Drum roll................................................Cymbal smash!!!!!~
Taaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! =)
My Road ID wrist band!!! =)
[Jennifer aka Ze roommate caught me smiling like gila!]

 [Trying it on. Fits perfectly. =)]
 [Cantik kan? Red. The color of power.]
I engraved these 3 words as my quote: Endurance, Character, Hope. 
As written in Romans 5:3-4 "Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces endurance; endurance, character; and character, hope."
This Road ID will not only be an aid during emergency, but also a reminder to myself that whatever trials or troubles that may come my way, it produces endurance, character and most of all, hope. =)
[This thing looks good on my hand! Hahahahahaha.]
For those of you who don't know what's this..check out this site:
When you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will speak for you. 
Better to be safe than sorry. Ain't it? =)
Lastly, just wanna say thank you to the most awesome Chan Kar Yee for this Super BELATED Christmas present.. Hahahaha. Hehe.. Thanks girl. 你是最好的你知道吗? =D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweat it out

I've been waiting forever for Malaysia's Nike store to come out with their latest Nike Pro Combat fitted base layer tops. But guess what?? It's out of stock after coming out for only 3 weeks. Ughhh.
And Adidas is not having any Techfit base layer tops for women in Malaysia either. So my final solution now is either to wait AGAIN, or to purchase online.
[Nike Pro Combat Core Women's Training T-shirt]
I've tried this on, and it's super comfortable. The only problem is that they only have M size, which is way too large on me. So it's either S or XS. And I've read the reviews on Nike, most of them say it fits great and it fits tight. Exactly what I needed. They also say it's not too stubby or short, and the major plus is that it doesn't ride up.

This is the one I'm wearing currently.
[Nike Pro Ultimate Tight Boxed Tank Top]
It's comfortable and it's really good at keeping my body dry but the major problem is that the bottom keeps rolling up. I can't wear it alone for training 'cause it keeps coming up and it's pretty troublesome to have to worry about pulling it down all the time while running. Which is why I can only wear it as base layer and also why I'm thinking of getting a new one.
[Adidas Techfit PowerWeb Tank Top]
My coach suggested this. It looks great, not too expensive if purchased online. The only problem now is it's no where to be found in Malaysia and I can't try it out to have a feel of it. =(
Agrhhhh.. Help me out guys..=(
Nike or Adidas? Sleeveless or short sleeve? Wait or buy online? Gahhhhh...

Something funny to show you guys. These was what's in my luggage when I came back from CNY break. Hahahahahaaaa. =D
And last but not least, new stick or new blade??
[Salming's Quest Kickzone Tipcurve]
If I get Quest, I gotta change my style of playing. I'm more of a blade person than a shaft person. So if I don change my style of playing, getting a kickzone will be useless 'cause I won't be utilizing its technology much.
If not, I should just change my blade to this:
[Salming Cypher Z blade]
Decisions.. decisions.. =]

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's the last day of Chinese New Year so I my as well post something to end CNY 2011 la. =)
Went lou sang with the girls in Sushi King yesterday. It's my 2nd time doing it, though I don't really understand the purpose behind it. But aiya. For the fun of it. =)
[Teeheeheeeee. Guess who's NOT camera shy at all? =)]
[Sushi King's Yee Sang. Very yummy!! See the things by the side? They are actually tempura flour batter. And my friends joke about it saying that it's the leftover from all the fried tempura the kitchen prepared for other customers and gave it to us. =.=" Probably true though. Hahahaha. =D]
[Close up. Consist of scallop, crab meat, jelly fish, salmon, raw fish, fried egg, shredded carrot, reddish, cucumber and...cannot remember. =D]
[Dang! The camera loves me!]
[Awww..=) Errr..Hueyyyyyyyi..why are you not looking at the camera??]
[All smiles. =) Canon 95 Ixus]
[All smiles. =) Canon 1000D]
Actually I kinda just got home from floorball training. And guess what CK saw near his place??
[A lighted up lion dance! Hahahaha..So nice right??]
Didn't know it would be so festive and happening here in KK on Chap Goh Meh. =)
[We saw 5 lions dancing together..]
 [I even recorded fireworks, standing so close to it that the ashes landed on top of my head.=)]
So, Happy Chap Goh Meh all you people out there. =) Enjoy throwing your oranges!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Trust your heart if the seas catch fire
And live by love though the stars walk backward
E.E. Cummings - Dive for Dreams
What I love doing most when we're together is to laugh with you. =)

CNY 2011

It's true when people say that one will learn the importance of Chinese New Year as he or she grows up. It used to be all about ang paos, fireworks, CNY cookies & food but now.. I find myself excited about CNY 'cause..sadly, that's very much the only time I get to see all my family and friends. =]

[Meet Bunnie! A gift from Sam. Thanks Sam!]
 [& this is my forever annoying..Ooops..I mean loving dad. Hehe. =)))]
 [Love that money can't buy. =) With an extra special guest!
Not guest anymore la actually. =)]
 [My 2 cousin sisters with their ...... faces. Indescribable. LOL.]
But well, nothing beats spending my Bunny Chinese New Year with loved ones. =)
And I get to meet up with my AWESOME bunch of childhood besties too who made me stand in front to hold the camera while taking pictures 'cause they say I'm the shortest causing my face to look the biggest in all of the pics and going up and down the escalator in Queensbay looking like a bunch of crazy girls! X) HAHA! But it was fun. =)

Hang out with the high school babes too! =) Didn't miss out Cheyyi this time. =)
 Sorry for the poor pic. It's an Instax scanned into pc. Hehe. Paiseh. =D
I don't know what lies ahead..but let the days come.. 'Cause I know my future's in God's hands..=)
Happy Chinese New Year peeps! =)