Monday, July 26, 2010

Despicable Me

I watch Despicable Me in 3D last night and it's SO FREAKING CUTE!!!
OMGOSH!!!!!! =)
Seriously adorable wei...

Especially the minions who laugh at almost everything. Hahahahaha. =) What are they actually?? Tennis balls??

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. See. They laugh at everything. XD

The 3 little girls are super cute too laaa...especially Agnes. =)
"Does this count as annoying? Pok pok pok pok pok pok pok pok pok..."
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIEEEEE!!!"

And some people, they are not really that bad. You just need to look deeper and harder. And be patient with them. =)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Safe Corner

There's this little corner in my room, where I always sit whenever I feel sad or insecure or empty. 'Cause it makes me feels safe.
And tonight, I find myself sitting there, again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

好久不见 =)

This reminds me of you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Semester

I've been back here in Sabah for almost 2 weeks now but I'm still adapting very slowly, physically and mentally. I'm probably doing fine mentally, but physically...Neh...
Just went to the doctor 2 days ago and she said I suffered from Acute Gastroenteritis... probably food poisoning, plus gastritis, plus wind in the stomach...T.T
But I'm feeling so much better as I write this la..Can update blog means okay d la..hahaha..=D

Still pretty relaxed for these first two weeks. =) Say...
We celebrated a good friend's birthday..Lai Yee.

[In Kah ve Cafe.]

With great friends...

& more awesome ppl. =)

I had my first Corona too during one of the nights out with the girls...Hehe.

Went to church (GCC's really big now) & went for floorball trainings too.
But I don't know... Something's just missing.
It's just never the same being away from home...
I guess I can understand how ET felt whenever he says:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Updates: June 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!
Secret Recipe's Yoghurt cheese cake. Anyone?? =) Haha. It was my first time trying out their yoghurt cheese which I got for mom on her birthday. She was into yoghurt lately for health purposes so I thought we would try it out. And it was damn good. ;)
It's not too sweet, cheesy enough (haha!) and they were very generous with their layer of yoghurt and raspberry topping. Awesome-ness. =)
[The berry layer looked like blended brain juice ain't it? Haha.]

[Seriously. Am I that short?? ]

Father's Day/ Fishing Trip
We've been planning this fishing trip for months and finally, it came true. =) Mom was afraid of the hot sun and weijin was never the adventurous type so it was just the two of us..that was the original plan. But my forever bubbly aunty heard about it and decided to come with us. So 6 of us all together. Haha. We did it somewhere around Gertak Sanggul (Penang) - at one of the beaches.
[My cousins were way more excited than me. =)]

[It's so tiny you can't even see it. Hahaha.]

[Anybody knows what species is this?]

[Daddy with his villain sunglasses. =)]

And on Father's Day morning, the 4 of us were having brunch at some coffee shop after church and this kid came over and gave my brother (instead of my father) a box of cakes shaped into cute cartoon characters. The boy was like staring at my brother and saying:
"Happy Father's Day uncle." Made me laugh like mad after he left. It was a Sunday School thing la I guess. Haha. Very cute. =)
And my dad suggested me to take pics of these:
[Say hi to Mr. Bear.]

[Ooopss. Mr. Bear lost its head.]

[Oh no!!!!!! No arms!!!]

[Totally handicapped. Poor thing.]

The destroyer = My dad. =)

Ms. Phang's Wedding
And I guess I'll end this update with a happy occasion ya. =) Nothing beats a wedding right? =D
What amazes me about Ms. Phang and her husband was that they've been together for 12 years. Alot could have happened in 12 years but they made it through. That was enough to wow me la..=)

[All smiles. =)]


[Culture. Tradition.]

[ji mui's UNITE!! Haha. Spot the arms of two men in this pic.]

[Me & naughty Kae Yang - during wedding dinner.]

[FOOD!!! Ipoh memang Ipoh...=) Tak sama dengan restoran Penang. Very generous.]

[Myjojo and I. =)]

[Da tou xia - like me. Hahahaha.]

All pictures take by my Canon IXUS 95 and editted by KaeYang.
The End.

Updates: May 2010

Just some pictures to show you peeps that I haven't been spending all my time doing boring stuff or just busy working for the past 6 months. I was having fun too okay? =)

Perlis Trip
Went down to the Land of padi fields on Labour's Day. It's nothing like Penang. It's way greener there with lots of padi field and trees and sugar cane and rubber trees and etc.
Not a single apartment to be seen. Haha. =)
[Mini museum - More like a keris museum.]

[BOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Woan Sein. =P]

[This is also a part of the museum. & that's my brother. He misses his childhood. Poor thing. X)]

[Gua Kelam - nothing impressive, or maybe I'm just not a cave person.]

[Interior of Gua Kelam]

[Aha!! One of my favorite pics. Taken by my mom's shaky hands. Still turn out fine. She's a pro. =)]

Mother's Day
I know this is way too late but still..
Happy Mother's Day mommy!!! =)
I love love love love love you..
We didn't do anything fancy this year.. it was simple yet memorable. =)

[From me. =)]

WeiJin's Birthday
Someone's 20!!! It was just like yesterday when we were trying to kill each other over small little matters and now, he's already 20. Big boy liao. =)
Just know that I love you and I'll always be there for you, even when the world turns its back on you. =] A sister's promise.

Cameron Trip
Drove down to Cameron with Karyee on one of the weekends. One crazy trip. 'Cause my car broke down half way. Radiator problem. Urghhh.
But oh well, the rest of it was awesome. =) Great weather. Good food & accommodation. Totally fun. =)
[Spot my missing radiator cap.]

[I bought one of this home. I'm always attracted to round-shaped objects. Haha.]

[Roses are red, violets are blue. =)]

[Ooooohhhhh...strawberry coated with chocolate!!!]

[This will make the toughest man cry.]

[Strawberry kisses. XP]

[Beautiful eh?]



[Aha!!! My photography skills not bad eh..=)]

Cameron photos taken by Kar Yee.

Up next: June updates. =)
Til then, take care peeps!!