Saturday, November 28, 2009

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Sounds familiar? =)
I remember many (but surprisingly, not my parents) asking me this question when I was in elementary school, and I would reply now-seemed-crazy answers like:
- Rockstar
- Firewoman
- Lawyer
- Scientist (Well, I'm a food scientist when I graduate so this one's considered a pass right? Hehe.)
- Wedding planner
- Superhero (caused by nuclear radiation - result of too much tv)
- Doctor
& the list goes on.

But if you ask me again now, my answers would be these:
I want to be
- Happy
- Contented
- Kind
- Obedient
- Patient
- I want to love & be loved
- I want to be who God wants me to be.

All these I'm still pursuing and will never stop to be. =)
For these are all the real reasons to live for.
'Cause what's the point of being successful in one's career, but getting an "F" and fail the course of living life itself?
[A mean, weird comic]

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good food + Great company

= Loads of laughter & a big tummy!! =)

Coconut day!!
[Jenn & I paying utmost attention to our portion. Heh.]

[Juice & flesh - all gone!]

[Lai Yee & Hui Loo]

Salad craze!!
Pizza hut's salad - cheap & nice.
And you can make it worth more by stacking it really, really high. Hehe. That's what I do lah..XP

Roasted clam (lokan bakar) & Coconut pudding!!
[Fresh, live clams]

[After being roasted - yummy!!!]

[Cooling coconut pudding]

[And like I've said: Great friends! =)]

My personal favorite - BBQ!!!


I'm going back to Penang in a few days time, and I have a feeling I'm gonna miss it here very much (I mean Sabah). =]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bachelorette Party

Yes people! I was invited to my first Bachelorette party 2 days ago and it was FUN FUN FUN!!! =) The party's for Madalen, who's getting married in 4 days time!!! Yippee!!! =)
I know Bachelorette parties are supposed to be a day before the wedding, but if you've watch Hangover, you would understand why it's NOT WISE to have it a day before your Big Day. X)

[The Bride-to-be Madalen & Bridesmaid Luciana aka Lulu]

[People =D]

[Nachos+Salsa sauce+Peach cheese cake+Cup cakes+Punch = Heaven!!!]

So after most of the girls went home, we headed to HITO, a lounge at Waterfront and continued our insanity. XP
[Lulu, Madalen & Elaine with their tequila pops]

And as for me, I ordered my first ever Bloody Mary, which tasted BLOODY SPICY!! =S
Couldn't finish it even with the help of the rest of the girls 'cause it was really, really hot. I guess the bar tender mistaken chilli as tomato in the dark. Hahahahahaha.
[Bloody Mary]

So Madalen got me this instead:
[Strawberry shooter - HITO's in-house drink]

which I clearly enjoyed as you can see. =)

Went back to the rented apartment, did a few jumps with Lala:


Ran out of energy and ended up like this:

All pictures taken by Miss Jennifer Wong. =)
See how fun it was? =)
More pictures of Madalen & Matthew's wedding to be updated soon. Can't wait! =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"mou liu" things I've done lately :P

#1 Experiment - failed

Tried the corn kernel-popping/popcorn experiment. But guess what? It didn't work out even with the aid of...let me see...1, 2, 3, 4, ...
8 phones?!? Hahahaha! =)
I guess the good news is, our phone (Nokia, Samsung, LG, SE) radiation's not that strong. So our brain cells pretty safe ya? XP
But guys, try not to keep your phones too close to you when you sleep at night. Except if you're a doctor or surgeon or something like that, you can get through the night without your phone next to you. =)

#2 ...

I guess there's no need for words. A picture says a thousand words. But hey, I really needed it. X) After a long, busy, tough semester, I needed to do something which doesn't require me to think much and offers me a good laugh! =) Hehe.

[Jenn taking picture with keroppi & badtz maru]

You can ignore the rest of this post but not this:
Look at this dog carefully!!!

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! XD
Funny hor?!? =)
Saw it last Sunday while walking back from church. Had to take a picture of it and share it with you people. =)
Funniest looking dog EVER!!! ><"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

He never fails to makes me smile

I miss you too daddy.
And I'll be home very soon.
Love you daddy. =)

Wet run

Haven't been running for the past 2 weeks due to final exams and the frequent rainfall, which equals to:
No fat-burning,
Decreasing stamina,
Lower speed.

But the rain didn't stop me from running today. =) Took out my waterproof-sleeveless jacket, put on my running shoes and here I go!
Did only 3km 'cause the rain was getting heavier. And trust me, you don't wanna get caught in a heavy rain/storm in Sabah. =]

It felt really good though. =) It was easier to breathe, less tiring, and I could go much faster than usual. The cold wind and rain drops definitely helped to cool the body down. =)

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."
- Bill Bowerman, American track & field coach, Nike Inc. Co-founder -

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st housemates' outing

It was not easy planning this as we're all from different courses, different ages, different lifestyles. But when it comes to food, nothing's stopping us from gathering together!!! Hahahaha =)))
[Guarding my own pot *nyek nyek nyek*]

Funny people X)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee

I've heard of ultimate frisbee years ago but when it comes to playing for real, yesterday was definitely my first time. =) And to those of you who don't know what ultimate frisbee is:
It is a limited-contact team sport (like floorball) played with a 175 gram flying disc, or known as frisbee. The objective is to pass the frisbee to your own teammate at the opposing end zone (such as in American football) where you'll score a point, and you're not allowed to run when the frisbee is in your hands. Each team will have 7 players in the field and substitution is only allowed between points.

So yesterday, since there were no courts available for floorball training, me & my teammates joined a group of Ultimate frisbee fanatics who plays at the field opposite from our usual floorball training court. And boy, they were good. X) They were tall (ang mor ma...), buff, fast and accurate. And us?? Short, skinny (some fat - hehe), not as fast as them, and we threw the frisbee with our eyes close. Hahahahahahaha. =) Not so teruk la.
[Ken briefing us about the game]

[Ken & Angela showing us how to "stall" the offensive player]

[Each team at their own end zone]

[Group photo after the game - if you see carefully you'll be able to identify a few vampires with shining eyes. Creepy...XP]

[Yours truly]

It was definitely fun. Except for the part where we forgotten to warm up and down and ended up with sore muscles the next day. But nevertheless, it was superb. Now I know why dogs enjoyed chasing after frisbees. X) Hahahahahahahaha. 'Cause when I jump into the sky and grab the disc, it felt like I was flying without wings.
Wonderful feeling. =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Season Finale

2 more weeks and it's the end of my 5th semester in Varsity! X) But before I can say "Hooray!"and pack my bags and head home, I gotta nail my Final examinations first. =]
Finals started a day ago, and it was scheduled in a way that nearly killed me and my coursemates:
4 papers on the first 2 days!!! T.T
It was "WARAO!!!" at first but hey, look at this...

# Post Harvest Handling Operation
# Financial Management
# Marketing Management
# Scientific Writing & Research Methodology
# Food Safety & Quality Control
# Community Nutrition

I finished 4 papers the last two days and I'm still breathing!!! =) And NO, it wasn't easy. The stress and intensity of having so little time left but so much more to study; and with the additional headache and tired pair of eyes due to lack of sleep... It was really really tough. =(

But I have a BIG God. A God who never sleeps. A God who watches over me like a shepherd watching over his flocks. Whenever I feel tired, I can hear Him say: "Through me, you can do anything." =)

So that's how I nailed my 4 papers! Not sure how the results are gonna be but hey...
Do your best and God will do the rest! =)
4 papers down and 2 more to go!! 1 tomorrow actually. Hehe. X)
I can see a pair of little wings growing behind my back. =)
That's what my mom says whenever I'm close to finishing my exams. Hehe.