Sunday, December 8, 2013

27th SEA Games, Myanmar

Hello peeps!! :)
It feels soooooo good to be back home, where I have constant, stable data & wifi connection, hot shower and my bed. MY BED..... Ahhhh. :)
 [SEA Games landyard]

So yes. For the past one week, I was at the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar, for Floorball demonstration games. It has always been a dream of mine, to don the Malaysian jersey at least once before I retire from floorball. :) And yes. I will retire someday. Everybody does at some point. Right..?
And the best part of this, is to don the Malaysian jersey together with some of the best and brightest Penang players: Penny, Pei Yi, Winnie, and not forgetting Valerie. Also a Penang k'ia. It is indeed an honour. I remember when I first came back from Sabah, Penny envisioned us playing for the Malaysian team together. And right here today, it came true. :)
*Thank you Pen, for always teaching me and guiding me whenever I feel lost, and always encouraging me to be firm and hold on to the vision of floorball.*

[Myself and Penny :)]

It was indeed a very good experience, and definitely an eye opener, not only in terms of floorball, but life itself. It made me realize how blessed I am back home in Malaysia, and reminded me to be more thankful for all the things I have and don't have back home.
For example, we've been eating almost the same dishes (95% similarity) from Day 1 to Day 7 at the Athletes Village Dining hall. This definitely helped me to appreciate my mom's cooking more!! Haha.
Then there were days when we'd wake up to no water. Heh. There was this morning, I woke up to nature's call, and went straight for the toilet bowl (expecting there will be water as usual). Mana tau... It was a disaster. Thank goodness I have just enough water to flush the toilet. And I basically finished up the very last drop of what's left. So I had to use ice-cold-refrigerated water to wash my butt. asdfghjkl@#$%^&*()?!!! I shall leave you to imagine how it feels to have a frozen butt.

[Fat Myanmar bananas]

As for the games, I really don't have much to comment on, except that we are no where close to the top guns, Singapore. I think it's time for Malaysian floorballers to wake up and realize we need way more training, more discipline, and to get the basics right. Like what Kuan Yang always say: Don't learn to run when you can't even walk properly. :) Nevertheless, it felt so good when I scored my first "international" goal!! Our only goal against Singapore in the first game. But be reminded it was a team effort, I take no pride in it. :)

[After singing the Malaysian anthem]
Singing our Malaysian anthem literally gave me goosebumps. For the first time. :)

[Face off against Singapore Ladies]
Nerve wrecking moment. Heh.

And I made new friends too!! New friends among my own KL teammates, and also people from Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar. :) People actually thought I was 19-20 years old. AHAHAHAHAHA. Happy die me!!! :D Lalalaaaaaa...... 

[Malaysia boleh!!!]

 [Malaysian Women's Squad]
I have to admit, Winnie should win the best post in this picture. HAHAHA. Reminds me of Sailormoon!!!

[Meet Calvin #71 from Singapore!!]

[& Garfield..... I mean our AWESOME Referee, Bin Bin. :)]
Hehehehe. I'll be so dead if she sees this. Thank goodness we're 687.1 km apart, according to Google maps. Teehee.

[With the locals :)]

[Indonesian Ladies Floorball Team]
 [On our way to the chapel on a beautiful Sunday morning!!]

[Wunna Theikdi Indoor Stadium]

[Adorable Pei Yi being all happy with her strawberry cake. LOL.]
We were really, really starving that time. I guess the Singaporean ladies team heard our stomachs grumbling and decided to share their cakes with us. THANK YOU!! :)

And the sexiest butt goes to.......*next picture*

[....This dead fish on the floor!!! #20]

 [Dyla, Alea, Eeleen :) New friend found.]

 [Penang is not only famous for good food. But pretty girls too. :P ]

[With coach Ed.]
Once again, most photogenic award goes to Winnie.


[Malaysian Floorball Team]

[Yours truly]
This is my first, and probably my last national outing..depending on where life takes me. :) But nonetheless, I really am thankful for this opportunity, to be a part of the Malaysian Floorball Team for the 27th SEA Games. Wouldn't trade all these experience for anything. :) 
17 more days to Christmas!!! 23 more to end the year 2013. Time flies. Ahhhh.


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