Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meet Waffles

I was definitely delusional when I wanted to get a beagle as a guard dog and a running companion.
The only reason an intruder would be injured or die under my beagle's watch, is that he/she would be licked to death.
And because beagles are hounds, they follow whatever scents their little noses pick up. So do you think my beagle would run next to me and stick to me like I'm her savior? Go figure.
So yes. The joke's on me. -__-"
And she's soooooooo stubborn. Ughhhhh. So, so stubborn.
Mom, if you think I am stubborn, I found my match. Hah!

But then again, that little thing taught me how to be patient, kind, forgiving, and forgetful. :P
I have to admit, sometimes I get so angry at her that I smack her really hard. For a short moment she would give me this face:

Then after 5 minutes, it's back to this:

If only humans can forgive and forget like a dog. The world would be a better place.

[Waffles at 8 weeks]

 [12 weeks]

 [15 weeks]


[I have a pet monster. Ughhhh.]

[Meet Waffles: Look at the "star" on her back. :) ] 
P/s: Please stop chewing everything within your reach. I can already imagine what's in your little stomach if I ever bring you for an X-ray.


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