Monday, September 14, 2015

Floorball & Me (Part 1)

2015 has been an interesting yet challenging year for me and my floorball career. One of the highlights is to have played in the multi-sports event 28th South East Asia Games.

Floorball made it's debut as a medal contending sports for the first time in the recent 28th SEA Games!! With Singapore being the host country. Abo then. *Smirks*
Back in 2013, Floorball was just a demonstration sports during the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar. And I can't be more thankful because I've been given the chance to be a part of the Malaysia Women's Floorball Team for both years. :)
 [Malaysia Women's Floorball Team Year 2015]

[Aainaa, Yen Yen, Dorcus, Nila, Eeleen & Michaela]

[Meet a good friend of ours - May! Always so supportive and helpful. :) ]

There were bitter sweet memories of course. Bitter because, despite being in 3rd place, the ladies team didn't get any medals. Sweet because we fought really hard together as a team. And my Babygirl was there with me, as my keeper. :) It was a humbling experience. I wasn't really sad that we didn't get into finals, because to be very frank, Thailand deserved it. :) No doubt it was hard for the Malaysian team to train together more often due to lack of funding and also geographical issues, but looking at how much effort and hardwork Thailand put in, they totally deserve to be in the finals.
And to see so many of my girls in the current Malaysia Women's Team, I am honestly very proud and happy. :) I just wish I could have done more for some of them whom I think, deserve to be in the team too. Perhaps someday, when I coach the Malaysia Women's Floorball Team. :p
[So proud of this girl. :) Ling Ling & I]

 [My Chinese School Friend Shan Ling :P]

[The Malaysian Floorball Contingent]

Last but not least, thank you, Babygirl. :) For constantly supporting me and telling me that I can; for praying for me and also for shouting at me on court to run faster. HAHAHA. And I pray that you will have a bright future in floorball ahead of you. I may not always be there for you as a teammate (getting old, may retire soon), but know that I will always be your #1 fan. :) Loves.


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